5 Books by Charity Parkerson (.ePUB)

5 Books by Charity Parkerson (.ePUB)

5 Books by Charity Parkerson
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Overview: Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Midnight Books, and Punk & Sissy Publications. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.
Genre: Erotic Romance, MM, FF


Sordid – Being with Sebastian is a scandal waiting to happen. Being without him isn’t an option.
Several years ago, Chase’s dad married Seb’s mom. It was a short marriage with a disastrous end, but Chase and Seb remained good friends—or so the world thinks. The truth is a bit more sordid.
Chase is the one obsession Seb can’t live without. After losing everything in a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of a blackmailer, Seb has settled in to life with Chase under the guise of handling the man’s fan club. Now his blackmailer is back and won’t stop until the truth of Seb and Chase’s relationship is revealed.
When Chase met Seb, he was no one, and in awe of catching the eye of one of the world’s best snowboarders. Now, after starring in several films and amassing a fortune, he’s the one keeping Sebastian afloat. Since Seb is the greatest love of his life, it isn’t a chore. When the truth is revealed about Seb’s past, Chase is left no other choice but to handle things his way.

Conned – Four months. Countless calls, texts, and steamy nights. All lies.
All Army wants is to meet his biggest TV obsession, Tanner Murray. He’s watched the man playing one of Primetime’s sexiest vampires for years. When he learns his celebrity crush is appearing at a local comic con, Army doesn’t waste any time getting his ticket. After getting lost, making a new friend, and standing in the world’s longest line, Army gets one fan experience he’ll never forget.
Tanner, A.K.A. Brit, meets men and women everywhere he goes. Being a celebrity means there’s no shortage of willing bodies. The only difference between Army and the rest is that Army is the only person Tanner has ever slept with more than once. That doesn’t mean the man has him tied down, or that he knows Tanner at all.
After Army walks away from Tanner, he never expects to see the man again. In fact, he hopes he never will. The only thing Tanner has ever done for Army is break his heart. When circumstances land Tanner on Army’s doorstep, Army vows this time things will be different. He has no idea how right he is.

An Alpha for Christmas – Christmas Eve night with a sexy new friend turns into the perfect Christmas. But Austin never expects his dream holiday to ruin his life.
Hoping to avoid another yearly gathering of the worst people Austin knows—his family—he volunteers to play Santa’s little helper at the department store where he works. That’s where the sexiest Santa on the planet comes to his rescue.
Will plays Santa every year at his grandfather’s department store. It’s something he oddly enjoys. This year is twice the fun when he’s paired with a mouthwatering elf. When Will finds Austin stranded in the parking lot, he’s more than willing to help. A ride turns into an amazing night together. The night turns into a weekend that changes both their lives forever. Not necessarily for the good.
It’ll take more than a good time in bed to fix Austin’s life. For the first time, Will might have to put someone else first.

Seasons (FF) – When Summer met Autumn, it was an explosion of
It’s been months since Summer’s longtime girlfriend packed up and left.
Despite working in a club where she meets new people every night, Summer hasn’t cared to
move on. All the reasons Zoe left still exist. Summer doesn’t care to butt heads against
the same issues with someone new. Then Autumn storms in.
Autumn has always been shy and a bit of a bookworm. Since the first time she spotted
Summer, Autumn hasn’t stopped fantasizing. Deep down, Autumn is every bit as adventurous
as the books she loves. She just needs the right opening to seize the life she wants.
One night of bravery will leave two women addicted. Will they both be brave enough to take
a chance on love, or will they let this new season in their lives pass them by?

Hellish Holiday – Presents. Cocoa. A bound and nude Santa. It’s a bite-sized Hellish holiday.
When the Hellish clan decides to throw a human-style Christmas celebration for Jonathan, they never expect a troublesome perverted deer shifter will be the center of attention for the day. Neither did Payton. Four months ago, while in deer form, Payton accidentally ended up on Hellish land. After stopping to get a quick drink from the lake, he planned to move along. Four months later, he’s nude, bound, and in the king’s home with no memory of what happened in between. All he knows any longer is the all-consuming lust that burns through his veins all hours of the day.
With nothing but his last memory and the horrifying stories from his new friends about his lustful attempts to get back to the lake, Payton has to piece together his lost time. Payton hopes what he finds brings him peace. Because what or who he really wants seems too far-fetched to be real—even for a shifter.

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