4 Regency Books by Patricia Haverton (.ePUB)

4 Regency Books by Patricia Haverton (.ePUB)

4 Regency Books by Patricia Haverton
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Overview: Born the oldest of three children, Patricia Haverton grew up believing that she’d follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in science. However, her worldview changed when she decided to explore her British mother’s roots.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Regency


A Game of Chess with the Marquess
They met and his love roared louder than the beasts haunting her…
For half-blind maid Lenora Foster, life in the service of the Duke of Brackhill is everything she’s ever known. Having experienced the mocking glances of the ton due to her disability, she keeps herself isolated in the darkest corners of the manor.
Pressured by his family to produce an heir, Adrian Sullivan, Marquess of Galdhor, finds himself attending a lackluster ball at Brackhill Manor. That is until he bumps into a peculiar maid with an eyepatch spying on the attendees.
With his heartbeat whispering Lenora’s name, Adrian fails to realize that someone knows. And someone who knows always tells.
Life in the service of the Duke of Brackhill is everything Lenora Foster has ever known. And within a few days, she is pronounced dead…

The Lost Countess that Counted Stars
It was a wonder, the way she found herself. Not in her name, but in his arms…
Merial Hanraham has no recollection of who she is.
Found unconscious in a dinghy with nothing but a mysterious coffer, she is taken on board by a crew of British sailors heading to England.
Christopher Buckthorn, son of the Duke of Heyerdahl and proud captain of the “Valkyrie”, never expected to find a woman with no memories floating in the middle of the ocean. Especially not one as stunning as Merial.
Amidst old superstitions turning the crew against her and pirates constantly on their tail, Merial and Christopher must piece together the fragments of her returning memories.
And the key to the truth might just lie in a riddle carved on the mysterious coffer; a single word to unveil not only Merial’s true identity but also the name of the person hunting her…

The Disastrous Courtship of Lady Grimvale
“Love is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls…”
Miss Imogen Bryton loathes the moment she steps on English soil.
Raised in Africa, she has nothing to look forward to when her brother announces that they are returning to their ancestral home in England. Α country that seems as foreign as the people that reside in it.
Elijah Keaton, Earl of Grimvale, couldn’t have been in more dire straits. Left to manage his late father’s mounting debts, there’s only one way to keep his Earldom from collapsing: find and marry a rich heiress. That is until he sets eyes upon a breathtaking lady he has never seen before.
Thrown into a storm where nothing is dictated by them, Imogen and Elijah find solace in the one thing that seems to illuminate an otherwise bleak future: each other.
Mysterious nighttime visitors keep knocking on his door, and Elijah receives an ominous message: he’s living on borrowed time. A mission has been bestowed upon Imogen; a mission that was placed on her shoulders before she was even born…

Accidentally Betrothed to the Scarred Duke
Without feet he’d make his way to her, and without a mouth he’d still swear her name…
Her shopping trip, Lady Alice Longman knows, was not supposed to end with a carriage almost killing her. Or with finding out that she is to marry a deformed stranger.
Darian Herington, Duke of Belmont, lost himself the day his wife was killed, and his leg was amputated. Though angry at his aunt for finding a wife for him without his consent, everything changes upon their meeting…as he saves her from certain death.
When the face of a stranger awakens old memories in Darian, he realizes that fate is cruel: Alice is the key to a truth locked away years ago. A truth that he has been waiting for his entire life: finding out what really happened the night his wife died.

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