4 Novels by Olivia Bennet (.ePUB)+

4 Novels by Olivia Bennet (.ePUB)+

4 Novels by Olivia Bennet
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Overview: Having obtained a degree in Journalism, but with an affinity for literature and creative writing, Olivia Bennet knew from a young age that her future lay in the romantic ideals of the past. With a fascination for the Regency era and a good romance, she started her career as a historical romance author the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper.
Genre: Romance, Historical


A Seductive Lady for the Scarred Earl: Her eyes saw him in ways the mirror never could…
Barbara Cluett, daughter of the Duke of Delistown, is haunted by a terrible sin.
Forced to live with the consequences of her mistake, she dedicates her life to charity. But when a hideous-looking man enters her world, she knows he is her only chance for redemption.

Jeffrey Pemberton, the Earl of Carlesend, lost nearly everything in a blazing fire, ten years ago. Accustomed to people’s reactions to his scarred face, he has lost all hope of ever finding love. Until he finds himself looking in the consuming eyes of a seductive lady…

The temptation is too strong to resist and soon, they find themselves in the ashes of their scorching passion…
When Barbara gets trapped in a burning room, the resurgence of Jeffrey’s memories paralyzes him. Reliving the most brutally painful moments of his life, he comes to a crippling realization: he and Barbara have met before.

Improperly Enticed By the Rascal Earl: Forever has never sounded so tantalizing…
There’s only one thing Miss Tabitha Walters dislikes more than being the firstborn: the men after her dowry.
The eldest of the three daughters of the Baron of Narnwood has driven her father to despair by turning down every eligible bachelor who has ever asked for her hand. Edwin Bolton, Earl of Morrington, is a man with a reputation. With a terrible scandal surrounding his name, he decides to leave town until the rumors have subsided. His days as a bachelor come to an end the moment he meets Tabitha and starts yearning for her with desire.

Lost in their all-consuming affection for each other, their sense of reason has completely abandoned them. For when passion speaks, the mind finds it indecent to answer. However, Edwin’s past is not the only thorn in their side. When Tabitha’s little sister goes missing, a series of letters lead them to a dumbfounding conspiracy. A conspiracy that started a long time ago with a strange death and a fatherless child…

For the Lust of a Rogue: She yearns for his lips, firmly against her, with all the unspoken promises they would never be able to utter…
Lady Caroline Beauchamp has a scandalous secret.
Publicly expressing her views on society through articles and an alias has forced her to turn down several suitors.
Estranged from his father, Mr. Jasper Langley is an ambitious lawyer with a single goal: establish his business and face his colleagues’ hostility towards him. Until the day his crosses paths with the most alluring lady he has ever met.
Passion and longing brew beneath their skin, a fire that starts where the heart is.
With Jasper’s office lost to a fire, and Caroline forced into an arranged marriage, realization dawns: destruction is never a coincidence. The only one who can help Jasper escape death and save Caroline from making the worst mistake of her life is a stranger. A woman who has left no tracks to find her…

A Wicked Earl She Can’t Resist: Nothing ends a romance faster than a lie…
Miss Emily Fletcher cannot believe her luck when a fire breakout becomes her ticket to salvation. Escaping the clutches of the man her father sold her to, she finds a job as a governess in the employ of the most intriguing Earl.

Duncan Kinsley, the widowed Earl of Sulby, is in desperate need of a new governess after his children chased away yet another one. And the moment he enters the agency, he finds her standing before him and his heart skips a beat. But when a deal is made, the price must be paid. And Emily is her father’s currency. When the people who are hunting her lock her in a brothel’s room, Emily realizes that out of all her mistakes, the worst was wearing that pastel pink gown…

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