4 Novels by Matilda Martel (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Matilda Martel (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Matilda Martel
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Overview: I’m an avid reader who loves to write, travel and hang out with my handsome husband.
I have been writing most of my life as a hobby but just started writing romance professionally. I truly appreciate your feedback.
I try to write short stories but I sometimes find it impossible keeping them too short, so I apologize for being long-winded.
No matter what kind of story it is, I always like having someone to root for and I enjoy some kind of happy ending.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Accidental Groupie
Liana Leto is a supermodel living in Paris, blissfully in love with an older Frenchman when she is recruited to appear in a music video by an up and coming American rock band.
Having grown up with the lead singer, she is mildly interested but doesn’t want to leave the comfort of Paris or be separated from her lover. But when her boyfriend confesses he had a one-time indiscretion with his personal assistant, she calls things off, vows revenge and leaves for New York to meet the band. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong.
In a weak moment, she has her own indiscretion with not one but two of the band members which winds up going viral on social media. Horrified that she’s labeled the band’s newest groupie, Liana tries to rush home to salvage her relationship with the only man she’ll ever love.

The Pastor
Pastor Troy Donovan is only visiting for the summer. He’s leaving Texas for New Hampshire in six weeks and didn’t think he was in the market for a wife, especially one as young 18-year-old Sadie Quinn. But ever since he first laid eyes on the pretty brunette, he hasn’t been able to think of anything else.
Wanting to get Sadie away from her cruel mother, Pastor Troy attempts to woo her, with an old-fashioned romance, culminating in their wedding before their departure, but his increasing lust, Sadie’s growing curiosity, a possible second suitor and her mother’s meddling make it almost impossible for him to do the right thing by his angelic Sadie.
If you like the premise of a sweet, old-fashioned type romance, but still like a steamy, sticky romance to spice things up, this is both! There is No cheating, a Guaranteed Happily Ever After- Not Even Premarital Sex! What? Well, Fantasies don’t count! Enjoy!

Queen of Two Hearts
The kings have died. Two new kings are crowned and in a 400-year-old tradition, the new kings marry one woman.
Two Kings keep the other from growing too powerful. One Queen keeps them at odds and ensures that the next two kings are brothers, not cousins.
Elsa is chosen by prophecy, fated to be the next Queen, but it’s the last thing she wants.
Caught between two powerful men who fight to be her favorite, Elsa must learn to divide her love, share her bed and rule over two hearts.
This is an historical fantasy with a tinge of paranormal that includes two husbands, one wife, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending. Enjoy!

Closing Daddy’s Deal
Heidi is in big trouble. After being caught with a married man, her stepfather is threatening to kick her out and ship her off to live with her family in London or worse, Florida!
Just when she thinks she’ll have to pack up and leave New York, he needs her help closing a deal with a German investor named Oskar Weber who doesn’t seem interested in anything but flirting with young Heidi. She agrees to help her stepfather close his business deal if he lets her stay in NYC and doubles her allowance- and he agrees.
Although she acts like she’s put out, Heidi is quickly taken in by the 30-something businessman who sweeps her off her feet with his charm and knocks her socks off with his kinky sexual prowess. He signs her father’s contracts, but when he wants more, she backs away, leaving him hurt and angry.
She might have been able to write it off as a lesson learned but her sexy German lover left her with a souvenir that winds up changing both of their lives forever.

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