4 Novels by Lucy Langton (.ePUB)+

4 Novels by Lucy Langton (.ePUB)+

4 Novels by Lucy Langton
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Overview: Lucy knew she wanted to be a writer ever since she was a little girl, writing stories from different eras to read to her little brother. Her first story felt like a dream come true. When she’s not writing, she enjoys painting, eating pizza and baking… not necessarily in that order! She also identifies herself as the biggest Jane Austen fan.
Genre: Romance, Historical


The Forbidden Passion of a Governess: When Emilia Steward is relieved of her post as governess in the Hutchinson family, she finds herself accepting a new position. Upon entering Glastonbrook though, she instantly becomes aware that the mansion is gloomy and neglected, due to an unsolved murder that took place within its walls. Adding to her troubles, she can’t deny her immediate attraction towards the dark and mysterious current Earl of Cunningham. When her secret passion is reciprocated, will she surrender to it? Is the lure of a forbidden romance enough for a chance of true love?

Joshua Forest lost his parents under mysterious circumstances at a young age. Ever since, he has been the sole guardian of the Cunningham name and his younger sister as well. When he hires a governess to teach his sister before entering society, he does not expect a ravishing beauty to show up at his door. Their tension-filled encounters make his yearning stronger and stronger but he cannot succumb to the temptation. Will he let the captivating governess in, and allow her to help him escape the ghosts of his past?

They may come from different classes, but neither can deny the immediate attraction between them. For a chance of a future together, they need to work alongside to let go of their past and solve the mystery surrounding the mansion. Until then though, can they resist the temptation, or is their connection too strong to control?

Romancing an Alluring Lady: Lord Hugh Blackmore, Duke of Ormondene, is a serial womanizer, hard gambler and mighty risk taker. If he wasn’t part of the aristocracy, he would be a laughable dandy or maybe even a highwayman, just for the sake of adding some meaning to his life. His longest friend, Miss Katherine Worthington, is also his childhood companion and secret crush. She just happens to be the hottest talk of the town, and the most eligible lady in waiting. Does Hugh have any chance to seduce her and steal her heart?

Miss Katherine Worthington, “Kitty” to her friends, has grown into the perfect specimen of womanhood, with more than her fair share of ideal suitors. A tomboy as a girl, she finds high society awkward, but her ravishing beauty and perfect voice see her in high demand as both guest and entertainment at the highest level in London. When Lord Blackmore expresses his interests, Kitty is flattered, but reminds him of his terrible shortcomings as a gentleman. Will she manage to stay true to her word and resist the temptation?

He is so willing to marry Kitty that he vows to change, and makes a promise. If he can make her change her mind in just seven days, they will be married next Sunday. A week proves to be enough for the pair, with the hand of fate seeing both experience paradigm shifts. Hugh reformes himself, and Kitty feels she had overlooked the most promising man in the world. Has her other half been in front of her the whole time? Can a childhood friendship turn into a love that they have never dreamt of?

A Matter of Honor and Passion: Sir Laurence Jameson was always a successful negotiator and his reward for it was a title and acres of land, ascending him into the stratosphere of the social elite. When an accident during a wild storm renders him amnesiac, with no recall of either his recent or distant past, his life will change forever. Rescued at the last moment, destiny brings Laurence, a seductive lady to his side, to care for him. Why does he feel such an instant attraction though? Was this accidental meeting a coincidence or was it meant to be?

Recently freed from her position due to the death of her employer’s father, Harriet is experiencing first-hand the hardships of being a fiery woman with neither a name nor any prospects of a suitor. Life will bring her to the nursing bed of the dashing Sir Laurence, with the only aim to bring him back to good health. Her task will prove to be unexpectedly challenging, as the sizzling passion between them is undeniable. But when his darkest secret is revealed, will she give him a second chance?

Once Laurence regains his memory, she will find out that he is the notorious Sir Laurence she’s been fighting against for months, petitioning against his land development. Harriet’s own romantic feelings will be thrown into chaos when she realizes who she has been helping. Will Sir Laurence reciprocate the love and kindness he has received? Or will he ignore his chance at true love again over his lust for money and power?

A Bewitching Lord of Her Own: Ada Taylor has learned the hard way how to take care of herself. She was dreaming of marrying for love, but her father passed away before she found her perfect match, and she was left penniless. Ada had to make her own way, and became a lady’s companion to Mrs. Statham and Mrs. White. But little did she know that she would meet a very scandalous man who would set her heart on fire. Will the passionate Ada manage to find the love of her dreams after all?

Lord Flynt Statham’s mother and aunt have had enough of his bad reputation. His behaviour has been detestable ever since his return home from the Napoleonic Wars. In order to keep his inheritance, they force him to marry a lady’s companion, hoping that her pure heart will make him a better man. Even though he has no interest in finding a wife, when he sees Ada he knows what he must do. Will this wicked man be tamed by the fiery Ada, or will their torrid personalities clash?

Just when Flynt starts to truly care about his captivating wife, his troubled past comes looking for him, in the form of his “first” wife. But what will happen when he cannot recall ever marrying this woman? Even though Flynt says that she is an impostor, Ada feels devastated and betrayed by his lies. Will he ever convince her that he is a changed man, or will their delirious lust be vanished forever?

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