4 Novels by Lexi Archer (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Lexi Archer (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Lexi Archer
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Overview:I’m Lexi and I write stories about women in committed relationships who stray and the men who love to watch them straying! No humiliation. Just stories of couples that learn to love the joys of bringing another into their relationship!
The stories I write are “hotwife” stories, though that’s more of an umbrella term for the lifestyle. The couple doesn’t necessarily have to be married. As long as they’re in a committed relationship and there’s a desire for the lady to stray and the man to watch and get turned on by it they’re in the hotwife lifestyle!
I write stories that I’d want to read. I felt like there weren’t very many really awesome true hotwife stories out there so I started writing the stories I loved and so far it’s working out pretty well. If you’re into the idea of watching your woman with another man, or if you’re a woman who enjoys your man watching you with another then my stories are for you!
I want to thank everyone for their support. I write these for the people who can’t get this fantasy out of their heads, and the messages I’ve gotten from couples in the lifestyle or wanting to try it out for the first time have been overwhelming and so positive. These stories are for you!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Four’s A Crowd
It all started with a night of drinking and a startling admission.
Rick could have any girl he wanted, and he frequently did. So imagine my surprise when he admits the girl he wants the most is my Chelsey!
Beautiful Chelsey. The love of my life. The woman I’m going to marry.
So why can’t I get the thought of her straying out of my mind now that Rick brought it up? Why did I have to go and tell Chelsey about it? Why am I going along with it when she says she wants to tease the infamous player in our friend group?
Only Rick has other plans. We were going to tease him, but he brought a hot young friend along and it looks like I’m about to discover that three’s a good time, but four’s a crowd…

Proving A Point
I wanted to watch my future wife with other men. The concept is so simple, and yet so complicated.
And the problem was Diana wanted nothing to do with it. Or did she?
Because it seems like maybe my wife to be has her own reasons for not wanting to talk about this fantasy. Reasons like she likes the idea a little too much. Reasons like she’s afraid of what might happen if we go through with it.
Yeah, that’s already complicated enough. Only Diana is also out to prove a point. She doesn’t think this fantasy could possibly only be about her with another man. She’s convinced I’m into this because I want permission to get with another woman.
The real question is what lengths will my fiancee go to in order to prove that point?

Dare Game
“The game isn’t about daring people to do something they don’t want to do. It’s about daring them to do something they’ve always wanted but were afraid to admit…”
Sarah isn’t so sure about going home for her five year reunion. She keeps thinking back to a night of passion with Eric Thomas. The night she lost control and went way farther with the cute geek with a crush than she intended. What if she loses control now that she’s engaged?
Todd is only going to support his gorgeous wife-to-be. Only things get very interesting when Sarah’s old friend Kylie starts talking about how wild his future wife used to be. About a fateful night with Eric Thomas. And thinking about his lovely fiancee’s wild younger days has Todd fantasizing about seeing some of that wildness in the here and now!
Kylie can’t wait for the weekend. Her old friend back in town, and she’s brought a sexy new future husband along with her? She’s ready to get wild like the old days, and Eric Thomas showing up looking damn hot along with bringing back the dare game is going to make for one hell of a weekend if she has anything to say about it!
Eric doesn’t know what he’s doing here. All he knows is that Sarah is going to be around this weekend, and he needs some sort of closure. That she’s there with her future husband doesn’t matter. Little does he know that years of pent up attraction and a few not-so-innocent dares are going to get him one hell of an apology!
Four hearts. Four fantasies. One wild reunion weekend that will change everything. Can you handle the Dare Game?

Nashville Nights
All he wanted was to be the biggest country star the world has ever seen. That’s not asking for too much, right?
Tommy thought he’d do anything for his big break. Then his big break came calling in the form of Ray Bob Donovan. The biggest star of the last decade turned biggest record exec in town this decade.
He’s willing to give Tommy everything he ever wanted. All it will cost is one night with Tommy’s wife!
Nashville Nights is the story of an indecent proposal with a twist as a young married couple comes to realize maybe they like the idea of wife sharing so much they’d do it even without a fat record contract dangling in front of them as bait!

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