4 Novels by Jordan Silver (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Jordan Silver (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Jordan Silver
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Overview: Jordan Silver is the author of The Lyon’s Series, Sex and Marriage Series, The Spitfire Series, and many more available at Amazon & Smashwords.
Genre: Fiction » Erotic


Rough Riders
Travis Mallory wasn’t expecting to meet the young beauty the day he went to the local High School to put a stop to the dealing that was going on there. As the son of the head of the local cartel, not to mention heading his own crew, he had a reputation which did not involve raiding the kiddie pool. But one look at her tight body and those amazing eyes that seemed to suck him in, and he was a goner. Little did he know that the little innocent was going to be more trouble than any he’d ever faced before.

Southern Heat
When Emily Dubois’ dad’s business starts to fail, he comes up with a great solution. He needs money and billionaire Jet Durant needs a wife. It’s a win win, or so the two men thought. They hadn’t banked on Ms. Emily putting up a stink and refusing the man she called a redneck hick. Jet wasn’t about to let the little filly that he as after slip through his fingers, so he came up with a plan. What if he should just lock him and Ms. Emily up in her bedroom for a week? with no one else around? Fire works and spankings abound in this fiery tale of passion and surrender.

The Brit
Jonathan Smothers is in the States on business. This high born Brit isn’t looking for hearth and home across the pond, but he wouldn’t mind taking the cute little waitress for a spin on his downtime. When he makes her an indecent proposal, he’s not prepared for the shock he finds once he has her beneath him. Now this hard-nosed bachelor finds his life turned upside down when the little Yank pulls a fast one and works her way into his heart. Joanna thought she was doing a pretty good job of hiding her mini crush on the handsome, but reserved Englishman; until the day she caught a glimpse of the dragon tail of his tattoo peeping out from under the cuff of his thousand dollar suit. Now she’s out of her depth and the attraction she’s been keeping in check decides to make itself known in the most embarrassing way. When he propositions her instead of alerting her boss to her faux pas, she must decided what to do. Give in to her baser needs and run the risk of ruining her reputation? Or take this chance of a lifetime with the only man to ever make her wonder what it would be like to take a ride on the wild side?

The Gambler
Stefano Andros is a man with a chip on his shoulder. He’d stopped giving a dam about the world when his heart had been ripped out by tragedy as a young man. Now years later, he’s become a different man, one who wouldn’t think twice about putting a bullet in a fool for getting in his way. There was nothing left of the carefree young man he’d once been, until the night in a casino game room when he looked into the eyes of a dream. She wasn’t supposed to be real, his dying sister had mentioned her with her last breath, but he’d never expected to one day hold her in his arms. Now he found himself face to face with a promise made long ago. But all is not as it seems, as he finds that there’s more to the woman who was destined to own his heart than meets the eye.

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