4 Novels by Emma Quinn (.ePUB)+

4 Novels by Emma Quinn (.ePUB)+

4 Novels by Emma Quinn
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Overview: Romance author with happy ending standalone novels.
Genre: Romance


All I Ever Wanted: When second-year filmmaking student Faye gets hired to produce videos for the football team’s YouTube channel, she thought it’d be an easy job. How hard can it be to film a day in the life of a bunch of sexy, muscular guys? Especially as she always had a crush on one of them, Kevin. This could be the perfect occasion to spend more… intimate time with him. But she soon realizes that the job is going to be harder than she thinks. Moreover, she’s now stuck with another boy, Angelo, and has to follow him around for an entire month.

And although Angelo is sexy, funny and very nice to her, he is also known for his reputation as a player, having slept with more than half the girls on campus… Eventually, Faye finds herself falling for him as well… and her heart is quickly torn apart between Angelo and Kevin. But can she even trust her own feelings? What if it was all fake?What if she was just another notch on the bed post?

Sugar Rush: “Yes, get rid of him. He isn’t good enough for you.”
Brandon: I knew the time had finally come.
After a life of hard work and dedication, I had everything a man could wish for: tons of money, fancy cars, a big house… All I needed now was to finally propose to my girlfriend Lara, a drop-dead gorgeous model and wannabe Instagram star, and everything would be perfect.
Even though it wasn’t.
Gary, my best friend, had warned me against proposing to Lara. He didn’t like her, he didn’t like how we constantly fought, how badly she treated me. I guess I was just blind.
I still tried to propose, during Lara’s birthday. It was supposed to be perfect. But instead, all the guest got sick from some food poisoning, and Lara got obsessed by the idea of revenge against the small bakery that cooked the cake.
That’s when I finally realized how nasty she could really be. That bakery almost went out of business because of her. And then we broke up.
So, when I learnt that the bakery was not actually responsible for the food poisoning, I felt bad and decided to push their door to taste their pastries for myself. And that’s when I saw her.
Jane. The sweet, beautiful and kind owner of the small bakery.
I fell in love with her, but there is just a small problem: she doesn’t even know I am the man she hates the most in this world.

Jane: I always knew this time would come.
After years of hard work, my small bakery was finally getting noticed. Customers loved my pastries and kept coming back, asking for more. Finally, my dream was coming to life, and I couldn’t wait for it to get even better.
Except, my best friend Samantha had to keep reminding me that work wasn’t the only thing in life. She kept telling me I needed a man in my life. Well, what does she know about that? She’s the one who cannot keep guys more than two weeks without scaring them.
But then, two things happened: my business went downhill after a big hate campaign launched by a stupid model who thought I poisoned her. And the he came into my shop.
He’s tall, sexy, kind. He loves my pastries. Although, it seems he didn’t come into my shop everyday just for the pastries. He asked me on a date, and I said yes. Except it seems he’s hiding something. In fact, he might have been lying to me all along…
Only a few years after my ex broke my heart by cheating on me before our wedding, I was wasn’t sure I could trust men ever again.
And now, I found someone to love, but I’m not sure I can trust him at all…

The Billionaire’s (Fake) Fiancee: Only two things matter in life: money and women. And I have them both in abundance.
I had the life any man could dream of. Everything was perfect. Well, almost perfect.
My rich, controlling mother was determined to set me up with the only girl she approved of: the tall, sexy lingerie model Anastasia. My ex-girlfriend.

Except I’m definitely not ready to settle down with anyone, and especially not with her.
So, I came up with the perfect idea to stop my mother’s crazy plans of marriage.

I found myself a wife.
Not a real one, of course. When you have money, you can buy everything.
It almost worked. But my mother is not easy to fool. Sooner or later, she will see through the lies.
And now, I’m facing a bigger problem. One that I never imagined I’d have.
I think I’m in love. I’m falling for my fake-girlfriend

What You Make Me Do: “Listen. Never come near me or my parents again. We’re over. Don’t call. I never want to see you again.”
“Maybe this is fate,” Fiona said, breaking Helen out of her thoughts.
“You know, fate! Destiny! Whatever you want to call it.”
Helen lifted an eyebrow at her friend. “Now you sound crazy. Fate? It’s fate that my parents are going to be destroyed by some empirical corporation?”
Fiona quickly waved off her words. “Not all of that! Maybe it was fate that you were supposed to meet with Mr. Devilishly Handsome. Maybe that’s why you said yes!”
“I’m pretty sure I said yes, because I wanted to save my parents’ restaurant. And the park, of course.”
Fiona looked unconvinced.
“Fine, fine. I’m just saying, as fate would have it, Valentine’s Day is coming up and you happen to have a date.”
Helen quickly checked her calendar, then cursed. “Damnit! You’re right.”
“Don’t be so upset! This is good,” Fiona insisted. “Being alone on Valentine’s Day sucks. Trust me, I know.”
“I disagree,” Helen argued, folding her arms over her lab coat. “I personally really enjoy sitting on the couch with a tub of ice cream.”

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