4 Novels by Arnica Butler (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Arnica Butler (.ePUB)

4 Novels by Arnica Butler
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Overview: I’m a wife and mother living on a farm and writing erotica. I like to think of myself as a MILF. I’m a cheap date. I like dogs, beer, and police procedurals in foreign languages.
I hope you enjoy my stories, whichever ones appeal to you. I enjoy writing them all, and I work hard to bring quality to writing about the best thing in life, sex!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Not Black and White
When a photographer turns Rick on to the idea of watching his wife with another man, Rick feels an obsessive desire inside of himself catch fire. He can’t help arrange for his shy, girl-next-door wife Danielle and the rugged, black photographer to cross paths. He knows that Drake Reyes’ erotic photographs are not as abstract as they appear, and that Reyes sleeps with his married models. He knows his wife is not immune to Reyes’ charms – no one is. He just can’t help but imagine what it would be like to stand in his gallery, looking at Reyes’ lurid photos, knowing his own wife is the model, knowing how the photos were taken.
But was it really his idea, or have Drake and Danielle been as manipulative as he has?
Please note, this is the novelized version of the short story Black and White , with significant changes to all scenes depicted in the short story, as well as the point of view. There is, however, some repetition: scenarios which occurred in the short occur in the novel. There are plenty of fresh new adult scenes, however. Please enjoy.

Laura’s Dark Side
Laura and Chris have an ordinary marriage. Like most ordinary marriages, it’s missing something.
They have ordinary friends, too. Or, at least they thought they did.
When Laura and Chris see firsthand that Jenna and Rob have their own solution to the marriage blahs, they have wildly different reactions – at least outwardly. But behind Laura’s shock and disappointment in her friends, she’s hiding a very dark secret… one she doesn’t want to admit, even to herself.
Luckily for her, Jenna has a stable of dark men who know just how to unlock the needs of a woman like Laura.
Is Chris ready for the ride?

The Hobby Job: A Romantic Wife-Watching
Former career professional Laura is going crazy living her stay-at-home-mom life in a small country town. Her husband Conrad has the perfect solution: get a “hobby job.” Laura gets turned on to the idea, and to Conrad’s surprise, chooses to wait tables at a run-down restaurant down the street. But she gets a lot more than a hobby job when she meets Nate, a young, hot waiter who has his eyes on her from the start.
Conrad and Laura start on separate journeys, exploring new possibilities in their marriage, and opening up to their hidden desires, fantasies, and needs. Will their journeys merge, or will Laura’s “hobby job” make a hobby of their marriage?

Jo’s Secrets
Jo never talked much about her past, so Nate is naturally curious about her secrets when they move back to her hometown to save the family business. It isn’t long before he realizes that Jo may be the woman he married, but before she was Jo, she was T.J.
And T.J. was… well, someone else.
Now Jo is surrounded by ex-lovers, and potential younger lovers, and Nate’s imagination is running wild. He’s supposed to be writing the Next Great American Novel, and instead he’s penning filthy stories with his wife in mind as the main character.
But when life starts to imitate art, and art starts to imitate life, Nate becomes unsure of how much of his fantasy is fiction, and whether his marriage to Jo was ever what he thought it was… and whether it can ever be the same again.

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