4 Books by Terry Towers (.ePUB)

4 Books by Terry Towers (.ePUB)

4 Books by Terry Towers
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Overview: Terry Towers is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, with her books translated into six languages. The Moan for Uncle Series, The Sibling Rivalry Series, The Girl From The Coffee Shop series and over a dozen other titles have all graced the erotica and romance bestsellers charts.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Strictly Research – Falling for a fantasy… or two….
“If it doesn’t melt your panties, I’m not doing my job.”
My name is Monica and I’m a romance author. My readers all think I’m tearing up the sheets with one hot hunk after another.
Yeah, right. Only in my dreams, and in my books. My bed sees less action than Sunday night at the bingo hall.
So what’s a newly-single romance author to do?
Two weeks of whatever, and whoever, I can get my hands on in Amsterdam, that’s what. It’s time to unleash my inner heroine, no strings attached, tax-deductible, intellectual, and purely sexual. You know… RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.
I expect to experience a wild week or two, acquire some knowledge so I can write what I know, so I don’t feel like a fraud. I never dreamed that I would meet two drop-to-your-knees-gorgeous men who would make my fantasies a reality or fall for me as quickly as I fell for them.

Her Untamed Rockstars – For as long as we can remember we’ve always wanted the limelight. The lights, the pounding of the music, the panties being thrown at us onstage and the parties that lasted through the night and into the morning, with one or more women in our beds.
But lately something’s changed.
One of us is ready to settle down, while the other is still mingling with groupies. That is, until we see Violet.
Red-headed sharp-tongued, Violet Hudson has been around music her whole life. Daughter of the legendary music manager Edward Hudson, she knows her way around rock stars. And their drumsticks. Nothing we say or do can rattle her. Until we offer her both of us.
We can tell she’s intrigued, but she still resists us.
Will she put her career on the line for two men she barely knows? Or trusts?
It’s a challenge we’re eager to take on.
We’re hard rockers. And only for her.

Two Times the Mountain Men – Writer’s block. A critical deadline. A blizzard and a couple of dangerous escaped fugitives on the loose. What else could go wrong?
Try being forcibly removed from my rental cabin by a couple of mouth-droppingly sexy men from the ranger patrol, insisting it was for my own good. Own-good my ass! I had work to do and they were seriously messing with my timeline. I could handle myself, thank you very much.
However, what I felt to be an outrageous violation of my rights seems to be turning into just what I may have needed when the three of us become snowed in and we only have each other to keep ourselves entertained, spiking the creative juices in me to an all-time high.
The problem is that our situation is only temporary, and they’ve been very clear they’re not into the whole relationship thing. I just need to keep emotions out if it and use them for inspiration—sadly that’s easier said than done…

Hold On To Me – Who needs a man anyhow?
All they bring is frustration and heartbreak.
I’m better off on my own.
At least that’s what I thought.
So imagine my anger when my sister went behind my back and signed me up on an online dating app.
And the pictures she used…
She even went as far as to set up a date on my behalf!
Umm, sister or not, isn’t that identity theft?
Like it or not the date was set, and I was on the hook. One date and that was it, I told myself.
One night of stress relief.
Wham, bam, thank you sir!
The last thing I needed was to catch feelings for the dreamy hunk staring boldly back at me from his profile picture.
For all I knew he may not even have been a dude!
I quickly discovered, however, that keeping my heart guarded from him was easier said than done.

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