4 books by Mirah Shell (.ePUB)+

4 books by Mirah Shell (.ePUB)+

4 books by Mirah Shell
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Overview: About Mirah Shell
Mirah Shell writes erotica about humiliation, threesomes, cuckqueans, free use, and whatever else her kinky mind imagines. She lives outside of Seattle with her husband and her many beloved houseplants.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Use Me, Professor!
She’s irresistible, curvy, and completely available. She’s so depraved and so hot that I think I might get burned, but I can’t stop myself. I’ve never been this kind of professor, but I’ve never had a student like Olivia before. My wife should be furious, too, but instead she’s made a special request… I can keep using Olivia, as long as she can watch!
Hotter than my Wife and Moving In
When Mila has to move in with me and my wife, Karen, I know I’m in trouble. She’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, a former adult film actress, and doesn’t seem to have an off-switch- she never stops wanting it. I know that she’s completely forbidden, but I don’t know how to say no. She likes it rough, doesn’t seem to have any limits, and I don’t know how to stop having her any way that I want when I know she’s up for it. When I see how other guys want her to, I don’t get jealous… I get excited, and before long I’m sharing her with anyone who wants her!
Watching My Husband Take the Babysitter
What happens when your worst nightmare is also your hottest fantasy?
When Dahlia meets Katie, the new babysitter, she is overwhelmed by how sexy she is, and she can’t help but notice her husband’s attraction to the younger, sexier woman as well. The thought of the two of them together- her husband and the babysitter, who has NO sexual experience- drives Dahlia crazy in more ways then one, and she realizes that she wants to see them together…
…and be SUBMISSIVE to them BOTH!
Dahlia makes her fantasy into reality for the sexiest night of her life, watching her husband turn the inexperienced, shy Katie into an object for his pleasure
Traded at the Trailer Park
When beautiful, untouched Candy moves in with me, it doesn’t take long for me to find ways for her to pay me back for my generosity. She knows she belongs to me, and lets me have my way with her anytime I want. When the trailer park landlord needs rent, he offers to give me a break if I give him access to Candy. At first, the thought makes me sick, but before long, I get turned on by the thought of turning her out, and we go ahead and work out a deal…

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