4 Books by Kenna Kendrick (.ePUB)

4 Books by Kenna Kendrick (.ePUB)

4 Books by Kenna Kendrick
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Overview: Kenna Kendrick is an American based author of Historical Scottish Romance living in Austin Texas with her husband and three children. Her more than 25-year-old experience as an English Teacher has brought her close to the literary world, growing her love for fictional stories.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Highlander’s Rightful Claim– He has to fight for revenge, but he wants to live for love…
Andrew Cameron was not an ordinary child. He was born with a purpose and a duty; to win back his legacy from the evil Murdoch Mackintosh, who killed his father and rob him of his rightful place.
With that burden on his shoulders, Andrew lived all his life preparing for this moment, but his destiny is in jeopardy when he meets an alluring lass…
Nairne Mackintosh was afraid of her father, Murdoch, her whole life. Raised by a man who was tormenting and abusing her, she never thought that tenderness and happiness were an option for her.
One day, on the shores of a mystical loch, a very naked and vulnerable, Nairne meets a young man who will change her life forever and put her in even bigger danger than she already is…
Andrew is focused on getting his revenge for the murder of his father, but lasses can be distracting when found in the woods alone.
He thought he knew his destiny until she changed everything…

A Highlander Forged in Fire – Two children cursed by birth, blood feuds and a secret that will change their lives forever…
Isla Armstrong lost her parents when English enemies, the Musgraves, destroyed their land. But fate was kind to the little girl. The childless Laird of the Elliot clan adopted her and raised her as his daughter. Growing up, Isla desired above all else to avenge the blood of her family and make her adopted father proud. One day, she meets a handsome blacksmith who will wake her passions and compromise everything she worked hard for.
Fraser McGinn was not an ordinary blacksmith. Blessed with impeccable craftsmanship but also with a mysterious birthmark at his hands, he was inspiring admiration and fear amongst his kinsmen. When he meets the daughter of the Laird, Fraser finds it impossible to resist the desire he feels for her. Unbeknownst to him, his efforts to approach her will bring to light secrets that would be best to stay hidden.
Will Fraser find the strength to fight for her? And what is the secret that threatens to tear their lives apart?
They thought they were strangers… their lives were connected by a secret…

Highlander’s Gypsy Lass – Her love was like a rebel bird no one could domesticate…
Rosalie was always free. Being part of the Highland Travellers meant that she could sing, dance and enjoy life’s wonders. But the day comes when she must make a choice: marry the man the tribe commands, or cut all ties with the only family she ever knew.
As if things couldn’t get more complicated, Rosalie falls to the hands of a Highlander so enticing, that will tempt her to a new life. Unbeknownst to her, the forbidden desire she feels is the least of her problems…
Declan, Chief of Clan Macgregor was bound to loneliness. He inspired loyalty and admiration to his people but his heart never knew the music of love.
After saving an unknown lass from certain death, Declan feels that she is the one. Until he sees her dancing and bewitching the crowds with a group of thieving gypsies…
Is this mysterious woman just a seductress toying with his love? And why is there no record of where she came from?
Desiring him was forbidden, but staying away from him was impossible…

Phantom of the Highlands – Being a Phantom means that you have no place in the light of day…
Gillian Hamilton was unlucky enough to be born a female. Her sex was a barrier to everything she wanted: freedom, adventure, and the need to be heard. Fascinated by tales of the misty Highlands when the opportunity arises, she flees secretly to Edinburgh.
But the world is much more wicked than Gillian knows, and the noble Highlander she encounters might have ulterior motives.
With his people suffering from poverty and hunger, Col, a fierce Scotsman, decides to defy fate. He turns himself into the Phantom and provides for the Scottish by pillaging the English.
When he meets the most striking lass, he will be immediately charmed by her boldness and beauty.
Until he discovers that her family is responsible for all his life’s tragedies. And so, he captures her without knowing that he is the lesser of the evils after her.
Gillian is not aware that she is in grave danger, and that without Col’s help, nothing can stop her impending death.
He captured her to save his people, but she stole his heart…

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