4 books by Jessica Bolt (.ePUB)+

4 books by Jessica Bolt (.ePUB)+

4 books by Jessica Bolt
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Milking the Heiress
It’s hard to believe, but Stacy Graham will destroy the family business. She is a wealthy heiress right now, but she wants to take control of her stake in the company. Her brother is dead set against all of this because she doesn’t have any training or experience. If she takes over, it’ll be a disaster. Stacy won’t listen. That means her brother, Michael, must go to extraordinary lengths to protect their family’s legacy. Legally, there’s nothing he can do. That’s why he calls someone else, a specialist. After Stacy makes it abundantly clear that she won’t change her mind, she goes outside, expecting to meet her driver. Instead, a white van pulls up. The doors open. She’s grabbed. Before she knows it, a damp rag is pressed up against her mouth.
And she wakes up in a cage.

Training Alicia
Collared. Leashed. Humiliated. Alicia doesn’t know it yet, but that’s what they has in store for her. You see, she’s an arrogant, pompous brat. Okay, so she might be reasonably good at her job, but that doesn’t give her the right to demean her colleagues and underlings.
So her boss, Daniel, has decided that he needs to take control of the situation. After all, he knows Alicia might try to take the company secrets to another employer. She could do a lot of damage. The solution? He tricks her into putting on a very special collar. At first, she thinks it’s some gift, a choker worth thousands of dollars.
Yes, it’s an expensive piece of equipment, but no, it isn’t a reward or bribe.
It’s the key to her training as a human puppy. That’s right. Once she puts the collar on, it snaps into place, locking itself. Now, Daniel owns her. Using an app on his phone, he can shock her with powerful bursts of electricity. Not only that, the collar can influence her physiological responses. This means that he can turn her on, effectively making her a dog in heat.
Yes, her transition will be demeaning, especially when he reintroduces her to all of those people who already hate her. She’s not going to find any help. In fact, everyone else is going to enjoy having a new pet in the office. She had better get used to begging and barking.

Stop Thinking
Emma isn’t happy, except she doesn’t know why. She’s the youngest, most respected analyst at her firm. She has all of these good grades and awards that she earned in college. Throughout her life, she’s been determined and focused on her goals and ambitions.
So why isn’t she happy? To try to figure it out, Emma goes to see a therapist. She doesn’t know it yet, but her doctor actually works for someone else: Emma’s ex-boyfriend, Mike. Mike still cares about Emma, so he has her hypnotized, brainwashed, and programmed. Up until this point, Emma has been miserable because she tries to think for herself. She really isn’t equipped to make her own decisions.
She’d be much happier as a bimbo.
After just one session with her therapist, Emma gives up on her goals and accomplishments. It’s going to be better if she thinks of herself as Emmy, a cute girl eager to please one man. Before she knows it, she’s at a salon, getting her hair dyed, her makeup done. She goes shopping, discarding all of her boring office attire for cute, tight outfits. She has big breasts and toned legs; it’s time to show them off!

Job Demands
Alyssa despises her new boss. As far as she’s concerned, Elliott never deserved his promotion. Even if he had better sales numbers, she doesn’t think he can be a competent manager. That’s why she’ll undermine him every chance she gets…Alyssa doesn’t know it yet, but he has a very special plan in mind—for her.
When she meets with him in his office, he gives her an ultimatum. She can wear a chastity belt or she can quit her job. Thinking this is some kind of dare or just a dumb challenge, Alyssa accepts. Soon, she’s locked in a belt, secured and fastened with no way to get access to her most sensitive and private parts.
At first, she figures this’ll be easy. She thinks she will prove him wrong.
Within days, she’s desperate. Alyssa starts thinking more and more about sex. Pretty soon, she is panting for release. She goes to his office, willing to do anything. She doesn’t know it, but the demands of her job have changed. On paper, she might be a salesgirl just like before. But really, she’s been demoted.
Very soon, her new Master will train her as an obedient chastity slave dedicated to his pleasure. She’ll do anything for the chance to get out or get off.

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