4 Books by Jackie Calhoun (.ePUB)+

4 Books by Jackie Calhoun (.ePUB)+

4 Books by Jackie Calhoun
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Overview: Jackie Calhoun is the author of ten romantic, life-driven novels published by Bella Books, the semi-autobiographical Crossing the Center Line, and ten novels from Naiad Press. Calhoun lives with her partner in Northeast Wisconsin.
Genre: Fiction > Romance, FF


End of the Rope: Meg Klein has two enduring loves—horses and Nicky Hennessey.
When Meg buys a house with a barn and a few acres, her plans to convert it to a profitable stable go downhill with the economy. She finds it impossible to turn away horses whose owners can no longer afford them. Her bank account, however, is no match to her huge heart.
Nicky Hennessey is having financial and personal problems of her own. Her photography business has fallen off the economic cliff. Her relationship with Beth Forrester is in deeper trouble than she knows. Spending time with Meg at the stable is much easier than going home. When Meg is thrown from her new horse, Nicky is there to get her help—but Dr. Tina Rodriguez proves to be a wild card.
Faced with losing everything she’s worked for, Meg realizes she may not be the only one at the end of the rope.

Obsession: Lindsey Stuart Brown’s life is turned upside down when Sarah Gilbert comes into the family nursery in search of perennials. Lindsey thought she was content and comfortable with her husband, Gregg, and her grown children, Natalie and Matt. But when Sarah loans her a copy of Desert Hearts, Lindsey is intrigued by the intimacy between the women and realizes she has always felt just a little bit different.
With support from her gay brother, Hugh, Lindsey begins to struggle with her new feelings and soon finds herself faced with making some tough decisions about her future.

Triple Exposure: Photographer Nicky Hennessey is at a crossroads. Passionately involved with old friend Beth Forrester, she must face the painful truth that Beth is unwilling, and perhaps unable, to leave her marriage. To make matters worse, the property that Nicky has bought appears to be a financial disaster.
But from the moment she meets Meg, Nicky’s life takes a new direction. Still, Meg has her own tangled relationship with jealous, possessive, Denise.
Beth, her lesbian affair with Nicky discovered, leaves her husband. Then the horse that Meg has been boarding on Nicky’s property disappears under ambiguous circumstances. Meg leaves Denise… And the complications have only begun.

Wrong Turns: “You nearly killed me!”
The last in a series of wrong turns propels Callie Callahan directly into the path of Vicki Browning’s speedboat. Her long-anticipated return to the lake of her childhood results in an uncomfortable tie to a woman she’s not sure she wants to call a friend.
It’s the story of her life. She gave up a dependable job for a failing business that has wiped out her savings. Her nights have been lonely since her marriage ended eight years ago. Providing for her two teenagers is increasingly difficult when her business partner is spending the last money in the till.
Hoping to make a smart choice for once, she rents the upstairs of her farmhouse to Meg Klein. While the vexatious Vicki stirs up a hornet’s nest of feelings in Callie, it’s the elusive, sensuous Meg who transforms these unexpected feelings into a physical reality Callie can’t ignore. Finally, Callie feels as if her life could head in the right direction—if only she knew which way to turn!

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