4 books by Fh John (.ePUB)+

4 books by Fh John (.ePUB)+

4 books by Fh John
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Overview:About Fh John
F H John has been writing since he was young and writing adult content for years.
“Despite the vast number of stories that I have written over the years, I would still say that I am in an ‘experimental’ stage of authorship. If I see a boundary, I can’t help but test it”
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Office Perk: Hire Me! Tire Me! Just don’t Fire Me!
I’m not qualified in any way to work for a law firm. I don’t have a college education. I don’t have any experience as a personal assistant. The only qualifications I do have are that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Anything!

An Alternate Life for an Executive’s Wife
When his wife won’t stop pressuring him for a little adventure, Charlie offers her a free pass. Little does he know she will choose to use it in an unexpected way, inviting his boss over for drinks. His boss has his own agenda and things heat up to levels beyond what Charlie can handle. The real question is whether Mandy is up to either of their demands, let alone both.

The Birth of a Porn Star: Defying Daddy’s Wishes
Sarah is a daddy’s girl. She always has been, but deep down, she has a naughty side that she hides from everyone, even her boyfriend Jacob. Jacob isn’t so innocent either. His biggest dream ever is to date a porn star, and since meeting one isn’t likely, he decides to try to trick Sarah into becoming one. He lands her an audition for a Calendar shoot, knowing it’s a false pretense. The producers are very good at getting young women to do a lot more than posing for the camera and the moment they see Sarah, dollar signs fill their eyes.

Submitting to Grandpa
A stepmother’s dream of living on a farm. A stepdaughter’s desire to know the feel of a man. An old man’s hidden past, colliding with a young woman’s naive perception of the world.
When Becka’s stepmother allows her grandfather to come home to the farm he built, Becka is indifferent about him being there. She sees him as just an old man, nothing that will improve her boring life, but soon she realizes that this old man’s libido isn’t spent and her desires to experience life overcome her better judgement.
But grandpa has a secret. He wasn’t always just some simple minded farmer with old time values and Becka has awakened things within him that he buried long ago. Things better left alone, kept in dark places where nobody will find them. She’s opened Pandora’s box and the spirits are loose.

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