4 Books by Emily James (.ePUB)

4 Books by Emily James (.ePUB)

4 Books by Emily James
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Overview: Emily James is a British author who writes romance.
Genre: Romance


Mistakes of My Past – What do you do when your relationship is so damaging that it destroys everything good in your life?
It’s simple, right? You escape – by any means necessary.
Twenty-one-year-old Amber knew that leaving Tommy was going to be hard and quite possible deadly. After all, she has things that he will stop at nothing to get.
When Amber flees England to start fresh with her estranged father in Ohio she starts the process of rebuilding her life.
Will is recovering from his own disastrous relationship, which has left him mistrusting of high maintenance women. And when they meet, Amber seems just that.
Getting off to a rocking start, Amber and Will realise they have more in common than they thought.
Can Amber ever really free herself from the mistakes of her past?
Or are they only ever one short step behind her?

Faking It in the Kitchen – She’s an accidental chef. He’s her hot-headed A**hole boss. Will they discover the recipe for love or are they heading for disaster?
Unemployed actress, Hannah Brooks, is applying for a waitressing job when her luck changes. Mistaken for a chef, she’s offered a position at twice the pay, but there’s a slight problem. She can’t cook, but she can act.
Tom Hadleigh is determined to make a success of the restaurant he inherited from his father, despite attempted sabotages against it and his reputation. Tom’s a hothead and not looking for love but when Hannah walks into his restaurant, he can’t help but turn his head. With so many problems in his life, is she the answer?
When their worlds collide, will their passion ignite, or will the heat force them out of the kitchen?

Faking It as the Maid – He needs a maid.
I need a job.
It’s just temporary…
My life is an endurance test, one that I am in danger of failing.
My apartment is a hellhole and my rent is late. I’m desperate, so I concoct a scheme and temporarily take my friend’s job as a maid.
But I’m not prepared for him.
Gorgeous. Sexy as hell. Millionaire property tycoon, and of course, arrogant jerk.
I met him at a bar and he tried to hit on me. When I ignored him, he thought it was because I couldn’t speak English. Figures he’d be my new boss. Now I have to keep up the charade or risk him finding out I don’t actually work for Heavenly Help, the Romanian cleaning agency he hires.
Can I keep up the charade of being his maid or will cleaning his mansion make me dirtier than ever?

Operation: My Fake Girlfriend – Some people think a knickerless walk of shame is as bad as it gets.
Some people are wrong. Very. Wrong.
That awkward moment when you figure out the hot piece of ass in bed beside you, AKA—your drunken hook up—is your boss’ boss, billionaire hottie Sebastian Stone.
Even more awkward? The knowledge that there is no way I can retrieve my knickers from the chandelier above his bed without waking him.
Now he wants me to be his fake girlfriend, and he has an offer I cannot refuse.
I’ve fought my whole life to prove I have what it takes to run the family empire. Unfortunately, these days my Gramps cares more about family values than stock values. And he’s not handing over the company unless I find love.
Grace Harper is the no-strings hook up I haven’t been able to forget.
Finding out she’s my employee and a hot little rule breaker—Who brings their geriatric cat to work?—I figure she’s perfect for Operation: My Fake Girlfriend.
Will a phony relationship unleash Grace and Sebastian’s deepest desires? Or will faking it make them come undone?

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