4 books by E.M. Smart (.ePUB)+

4 books by E.M. Smart (.ePUB)+

4 books by E.M. Smart
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Overview: About E.M. Smart
Part of my personal philosophy is that life boils down to food and sex — which is convenient, given the annual income of a writer. Well anyway, I love writing about the erotic and naughtier aspects of life. This saves me a ton of money in therapy costs because I try to work out my issues in each of my stories. My work is short and steamy — ideal for a short commute or for those all-too-brief moments of peace and quiet.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Going Darker: First Time Hotwife by E.M. Smart
She Had A Dark Desire. And It Led To A Dark Surrender

Bisexual Wife Swap: First Time Lesbian Wife Sharing
ane always knew that her husband was bi-sexual. He never attempted to hide it, and for years she accepted it. For his part, Jim had always been faithful to his wife.
But Jane began to notice certain behaviours in her husband that made her believe that he was not completely satisfied with their heterosexual relaltionship.
So, she answered an ad from a swinging bi-sexual couple, Ken and Karen. When they meet for drinks, they hit it off. But there’s one problem, Karen wants to introduce Jane to the pleasures of woman on woman love. Jane has never been with a woman before but she wants to make her husband happy. What will she do?

Wild Wife: BDSM Hotwife, A First Time Wife Sharing Gangbang
Brenda and Ken Howard are into risky sex. Brenda especially enjoyed doing it where they might get caught by people who knew them.
One night, she parks their car in front of her husband’s place of work. She convinces Ken to have sex while dozens of people pass by their vehicle.
On her way back from getting cleaned up, she is intercepted by one of her husband’s bosses. The wild hotwife accepts a ride from the billionaire. But instead of taking her home, he takes her to an exclusive BDSM dungeon. She is curious, but she has never done anything as kinky as what the men expect her to do.

Accidental Wife Swapping
ssica and Kevin moved out of the city to a quiet, family-friendly suburb. But the life of a model homemaker was too slow for Jessica. She starved for social interaction. One evening she convinced her husband to pop in to see some of their suburban friends. They were expecting a quiet evening of interesting conversation and a few drinks. But they were welcomed by a good old fashioned wife swapping party and they were invited to join in. The couple didn’t know what they should do. There were many familiar faces at the party, but a confident stranger caught Jessica’s eye. Would the tall, confident male convince Jessica to stay and perhaps risk her marriage?

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