4 books by Clio Jones (.ePUB)+

4 books by Clio Jones (.ePUB)+

4 books by Clio Jones
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Overview:About Clio Jones
I write exclusively lesbian erotica with FF or FFF couples. I include some bi ladies in my books but all the sex is women loving women because that’s the way I live my life ;)
I love writing butch femme erotica, lesbian domme erotica, and first time lesbian erotica where women are embracing their sexuality and trying new things in bed. A few of my favorite lesbian romance themes include interracial lesbian seduction, strapon sex, FFF menage, sex toys, sex with the boss, first-time, public sex, oral sex, group sex, and humiliated lesbians.
I love travel, wine, and chocolate–preferably all at once.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Cruising for a Public Park Hookup: Interracial Lesbian Dildo Role Play and Exhibitionism
When Carmen’s sexy Latina girlfriend Jaqui becomes interested in public sex, Carmen is a little nervous but she wants to please her girlfriend in bed. Talking about public sex gets them so turned on Jaqui has her first squirting experience. Thrilled with the hot sex, Carmen decides to check out the public hookup site with Jaqui by strapping on a dildo and pretending to be a dude. Will they be found out and caught, or will they be rewarded with more amazing orgasms? Either way this experience has transformed their sex lives and you’ve to read how hot it gets.

Dom Lessons: Learning to Punish & Please
After rushing Tri Sig and being initiated into the both the sorority and older sister Jill’s bed, Cammy is exploring being a new lesbian. Still an innocent herself, she is enjoying playing the top and pleasuring Jill in all sorts of ways. When one of the fraternity boys assaults a Tri Sig sister, Jill begins to plan a unique revenge – and starts to give Cammy dom lessons. Cammy takes her first trip to a sex shop where Jill begins shopping for a harness and toy. She will teach Cammy to use the toys on her, but only after a punishing lesson in role playing dom and sub. Not for the faint of heart, this 3000 word erotic short story covers new lesbian, innocence, topping, bdsm, role play, and sex toys.

Threesome With My Teacher: DubCon, Bondage, & Toys for Teacher
18-year old beauties Vanessa and Kira are in big trouble when a bad grade on a group project threatens their chance to get into the college of their choice. When Kira finds out their teacher is a lesbian porn actress, the two develop a plot to seduce their teacher in an after-school threesome. Will Vanessa live out her fantasies of having a first-time sexual encounter with her teacher? Will Kira and Vanessa explore the sexual tension in their friendship?

Threesome With My Personal Trainer
Best friends Amy and Emily decide to try personal training sessions to get in shape and help Amy get over a recent breakup. Both are attracted to hot black personal trainer Mal and rumor has it that Mal likes to play with her female training clients. Any and Emily wager on who can win Mal’s attention, but as sparks fly the best friends must face their feelings for one another and for Mal.

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