4 books by Claudia Chapman (.ePUB)+

4 books by Claudia Chapman (.ePUB)+

4 books by Claudia Chapman
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Overview: Claudia Chapman is a romance and erotica writer in all genres.
She uses her wild imagination and creative personality to pen books that will drive readers wild! She was inspired to begin writing romance and erotica after following authors such as E.L. James and imagining what happened to the characters beyond the books. This is when she picked up a pen and wrote her first short story, “Tales of the Babysitter Volume 1” which has since had a string of further volumes follow it as well as the popular MILF series, Swinger Series and Lesbian Series and much much more.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Lady Kisses: A Lesbian Romance
Her work life was splendid, though her personal life suffered. She had fallen into a routine of work, eat sleep, repeat. It would change dramatically when her new boss arrived.
Erica had never seen another woman so beautiful, she had never looked at a woman in that way before.
Her life as she knew it was about to change!

The MILF Teacher
Wesley was unsettled. Something within him was stirring, quaking, and if he didn’t identify its source, it would consume him. He needed something different, something to change in his otherwise pleasant life to shake things up.
That is when he met her. The first time she spoke, he was enthralled, impressed, and aroused. When he was in that room with her, her voice sounded like an angel’s song, her eyes like lush, green jungles. He would watch her and wonder how her skin would feel on his, her lips on his chest, working her way down his body.
Unfortunately, he often had to cut those pleasurable thoughts quickly from his mind, when she would call him to attention in front of the rest of the class for daydreaming. If only she knew…

First Domination
Lilly had a secret that she dare not share with anyone. It wasn’t planned to be exposed, it was just a twist of fate and little more.
Her petite from, wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes made her look vulnerable, but not weak. Clients of the company she worked for loved to see her at the front desk, greeting them with the kind of smile that hinted at the possibility of an evening together – an evening that would of course never take place. Her demure exterior and soft voice were real, but it covered her secret very well.
It was not until her Boss needed a little Domineering that Lilly’s secret would be unleashed, and once it was out, how could she cage the beast again…

My Stepmother’s Fantasy
Peter’s stepmother was the kind of woman all of his friends fantasized about. Smart, sassy and insanely sexy, but it wasn’t until Peter caught a glimpse of her lying by the pool one day that his thoughts of her took on a sexual nature.
Without her knowing, Peter secretly sets up a camera to record his step mom and all her assets, but things take a turn for the unexpected when she finds it!

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