4 Books by Chloe Kincaid (.ePUB)

4 Books by Chloe Kincaid (.ePUB)

4 Books by Chloe Kincaid
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Overview: Romance author with happy ending standalone novels.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Moving In– They are three very different men, but deep down, they’re all big, tough studs at heart.
The timing could not have been worse.
My dorm room is flooded, and it’s only one week before I’m set to play in the regional soccer championships. Of course, the only room available is in an off-campus house currently occupied by three guys—or three jerks I should say, according to the rumours circulating around campus. But it’s either live there or on the street.
So off I go.
I just need to stay focused on the game and my studies. But how can I when the three guys are just so damn hot? And despite their reps, they may not be so bad after all.
Could I actually be falling for them? Really?
I’ve never even been able to handle one boyfriend.
What the hell am I supposed to do with three sexy guys?
Hmm, I think I have a few ideas…

Covert Boss – Hallie
Dumped by my fiancé, fired by the same fiancé (a little piece of advice, don’t poop where you eat) and thrown out on the street. It couldn’t get any worse. Oh wait, I’m broke too. So, I go to the only friend I know in the whole city that might help me, a friend I haven’t talked to in like three years. Luckily, she has a place for me to stay, only catch is I have to pretend to work there. And you know, I’m really not into the whole work thing. But there’s this hot security guard there and he really seems to like me. Problem is I have a little policy about only dating rich guys and he’s definitely not that. I don’t know though, there’s something about him. Maybe, I might just break that golden rule.
There’s a thief in one of my hotels and I’m going to catch ‘em. Normally I would just hire someone to handle all that, but a stupid bet with my condescending older brother has me pretending to be a security guard. Plus, I have to live on a working man’s salary for a month to win this damn bet. But I can do it, because I never lose. Only problem is there’s this gorgeous girl working at the hotel and she thinks I’m this poor blue-collar dude. Could I actually win her heart without telling her I’m a billionaire? Oh, and one other small problem I forget to mention; that beautiful blond, she may be the thief.

The Billionaire’s Secret Intern – Clay
I’d never even noticed her before.
The intern.
Sitting there in her baggy plaid sweatshirt.
But she was the only one left in the office and I needed a date, fast. The party and investors meeting were just a few hours away and I had to make a good showing.
So, I made her an offer—a business proposal. She’d go with me to the party and I’d write her a glowing recommendation.
Little did I know after a makeover this ugly duckling would turn into a beauty.
I never gave her second thought before.
Now I can’t get her out of my mind.
I was just an intern.
I never thought the handsome CEO would actually ask me on a date. But it was just a business arrangement, right?
It was never going to turn into anything real.
He was much older than me and so out of my league.
But here we are, all over each other.
I don’t want to lose my virginity to him, but my body is telling me otherwise.
With every caress and deep passionate kiss, this relationship sure doesn’t seem fake anymore.

Thick Wood – It was meant to be a business trip.
Check on the secluded mountain cabins my real estate firm had recently spent a bundle building. See if they could be turned into some sort of resort getaway for the rich and burned out.
As the high-powered female CEO, I would do everything I could to make the project a success.
But with three burly lumberjacks stomping around the forest, all shirtless and sweaty, muscles bulging, getting in my way, I can’t seem to get anything done.
I just want some peace and quiet so I can concentrate. But Caleb, Mark, and Todd aren’t about to give me any of that.
They have something else in mind.
Come to think of it, so do I…

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