4 Books by Chloe Carpenter (.ePUB)

4 Books by Chloe Carpenter (.ePUB)

4 Books by Chloe Carpenter
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Little Daisy:
A chance encounter brings Daisy to Tennant’s Toy Store, where she meets the owner, Johnny. He finds it difficult to believe the pretty elfin creature is a twenty-three year old woman as she looks so much younger. And when he discovers her enjoyment of toys and games, he invites her back to the shop when she finishes work. There she finds so much to delight her – the rocking horse, the fairytale castle, and all manner of teddy bears, dolls and other exciting things. She visits the shop every night after work and enjoys talking with Johnny and sharing cookies, and when he asks if she would like to spend the day with him at the shop on Saturday and help him with the doll’s hospital, she jumps at the chance – especially when he invites her to spend the rest of the weekend with him. There is a growing sexual attraction between the two and the dynamics of their relationship begin to change when Johnny refers to himself as ‘Daddy’ and announces his desire to take care of her. This opens up a whole new world for Daisy: a world where she can celebrate being ‘little’ whenever she wants to; a world where little girls who are naughty and break Daddy’s rules get their bottoms soundly spanked; a world full of delicious sex and humiliating scenarios. Johnny is a naturally dominant man who helps Daisy discover her submissiveness and the nature of D/s power exchange as she is subject to his loving discipline and his very specific kinky interests that she learns to embrace.

She loves him to play with her, take her to the park and the zoo, bathe her in scented bubbles, dress her in cute clothes and drop-seat pyjamas and read her bedtime stories. As their relationship thrives, sometimes she is the adult Daisy, sometimes she is his Lolita or baby-girl, sometimes she is Princess Daisy, and sometimes she is Daisy diaper girl. She finds that Daddy is so inventive in their little games, making use of a princess play bed, a crib, feeding bottle, pacifier and diapers, a high chair with wipe-clean tray, butt plugs and a mean old hairbrush to paddle her naughty bottom.

Their relationship progresses well until the arrival of a new assistant in the toy shop – Glenda. The blonde assistant flirts outrageously with Johnny and Daisy is jealous… which results in big trouble. But there is only one woman Johnny is interested in, and that is Daisy.

Little Sophie and the Professor:
Sophie is a cute and clever 24 year-old woman taking a postgraduate course taught by the handsome Professor Jack Drummond. Most of the female students have the hots for the charismatic professor, but it is Sophie who he hungers for, and at the end of term, he seizes the opportunity to ask her out. Sophie learns that Jack is not only an undeniably sexy Alpha male, but deliciously kinky too.

As their relationship progresses, she discovers the nature of her submission, and experiences the thrill of erotic spankings and role-play scenarios with Jack. Although he is considerably older than her, the disparity in their ages only serves to reinforce the exciting dynamic that exists between them.

At times he treats her like a little girl, buying her pretty clothes and indulging her. But sometimes little girls are very naughty and have to face the consequences… Sophie grows to love this ageplay aspect of their relationship, along with bubble baths, bedtime stories, play times, cute clothes and drop-seat pyjamas.

She is thrilled with her new ‘Daddy,’ and when he asks her to accompany him for a 2-week stay at Kilchurny castle in Scotland, she jumps at the chance. But is there a long term future for this unlikely couple, the diminutive younger woman and the older man?

Little Lucy and the Doctor
When Lucy Peters turns up at Simon’s office on her first day of a new job, she fails to make a good impression as she is late and inadequately dressed. The handsome doctor wonders how he will survive with this little scatterbrained girl doing his admin, but as time goes by, the chemistry between the two of them intensifies. And when he finds out that Lucy is interested in getting spanked, he is very keen on getting to know her better and helping her understand her own kinky interests. And when their mutual interests coincide, the dynamics between the two of them are electric.

Lucy has longed for an authoritative ‘Daddy’ figure in her life, and Simon fits the bill perfectly, being a naturally dominant man who needs to take control without being overbearing. Lucy is at last given the opportunity to celebrate being ‘little’ whenever she wants to – but she fully accepts that when she is naughty and breaks Daddy’s rules, she pays the consequences.

This is a delicious tale of D/s power exchange, loving discipline, and an exploration of submission and anal play. Dr Dale makes a routine examination an erotic adventure for their role play games, yet interspersed with the sex is an engaging storyline, well crafted characters, cute clothes, bedtime stories and fun ageplay elements.

Little Women Box Set:
Ageplay aficionados will love these books by Chloe Carpenter, available in a box set at a specially reduced price. Packed with intriguing scenarios involving dominant yet caring men, and their ‘little women’ – adult women, innocent yet seductive, who at times enjoy juvenile pursuits and also get a kick out of being disciplined and nurtured by that special man in their life. Read on to find what happens to naughty girls…

Little Lizbet – Lizbet is pretty and diminutive in stature, a woman who looks much younger than her years. She works as a freelance book illustrator. In her private life she attends BDSM clubs with her friend Chrissie, and learns to embrace her submissive side. But in all her encounters there has been something lacking – which changes when she meets Daniel, a kind and wealthy American living in London. As their relationship develops, she spends weekends at his home where Daniel takes on the role of ‘Daddy’, a loving carer and disciplinarian. Lizbet loves feeling like a little girl again, and enjoys playtimes, bubble baths and cute clothes, bedtime stories and snuggle time. Although she tries to be good, she has a talent for being bad, and when she breaks the rules, she pays the consequences on her naughty bottom. Diapers, drop seat pyjamas, sippy cups and early bedtimes are just some of the things that Lizbet experiences in this ageplay love story portraying a shared need for D/s.

Little Ruthie – Ruthie has a secret… and a chance encounter with a wonderful older man called Tom enables her to share that secret, connect emotionally with him and accept who she really is – an adult 20 year-old woman who enjoys being a little girl, disciplined by her loving Daddy. Tom rescues Ruthie from an abusive relationship, and during a three-week stay at his cottage on the coast, gives her the opportunity to truly be herself. During this time she acts out some of her fantasies as she relinquishes her insecurities and responsibilities, experiencing some of the carefree activities of childhood – including fun on the beach, donkey rides, cuddles, playing with toys and dressing in cute little girl clothes. So convincing is her little girl persona that the local shopkeeper thinks she is Tom’s young daughter. But Ruthie also enjoys a little humiliation and craves discipline – and Tom delivers that masterfully whenever his little girl breaks his rules. He gives her what she craves within a supporting, nurturing relationship. The power exchange facilitated by Dominance and submission is a key aspect of this story.

Little Evie – Evie is a 29 year-old woman but her diminutive stature and her angelic, youthful features make her look far younger than her years. She meets Dylan Draper at a low point in her life and is ecstatic when he offers her a job. The two find they both share the same kinky interests and the spark between them grows as they develop an ageplay relationship underpinned by a sensual D/s dynamic and hot sex. Evie submits willingly to this older man who becomes her ‘Daddy’ and she is subject to his rules and discipline. But it isn’t always easy to be a good little girl, and Evie gets plenty of spankings… which together with humiliation aspects, invariably prove to be a huge turn on. They enjoy going to BDSM clubs, and under Dylan’s guidance Evie is introduced to all manner of deliciously perverted and sensual pleasures which has her begging for more. Yet not everything runs smoothly. An unpleasant incident at work results in Evie running away, but Dylan comes through for her and shows just how much he cares for his Little Evie.

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