3 Regency Romances by Scarlett Osborne (.ePUB)

3 Regency Romances by Scarlett Osborne (.ePUB)

3 Regency Romances by Scarlett Osborne
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Overview: Born in the Sunshine State of Florida, but of both British and Nordic descent, Scarlett Osborne grew up reading historical romances from the land of her ancestors.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Regency


Unleashed Desires of a Noble Lady
He chose to be her friend, but falling in love with her was out of his control…
Lady Emma Weston, daughter of the Earl of Westfolk, lives with a guilty secret.
Silently in love with her best friend, she has longed for his affection for years. But to be with him means to betray someone close to her.
After many years of yearning for Lady Emma from afar, Donald Stafney, Marquess of Stapleton and a successful businessman, is ready to proclaim his feelings. Desperate not to lose her to her other suitors, he is willing to fight for her heart.
Their friendship soon transforms into a smoldering passion and every doubt melts away under their delirious lust…
When an unexpected incident reveals that Emma is leading a double life, Donald must pay the ultimate price to discover the truth: his life. The sound of the lethal shot awakens Emma to the dreadful realization that the person she was trying to protect all along is the one pulling the strings to destroy them…

Seducing the Perfectly Enchanting Marquess
Each time she tries to seduce him, it becomes harder to refuse her.
Tragedy is something Miss Amanda O’Neil knows all too well.
Adopted by an Irish family after her biological parents’ inexplicable demise, the death of her fiance leaves her desolate. In an effort to escape her grief, she applies for a governess position in an English household.
Known as a recluse, Joseph Garvey, the Marquess of Ethelred, has lived like a hermit since his wife’s death seven years ago. But his life of isolation and stagnant grief comes to an end when he sees his new governess.
Feelings of erotic excitement rise inside of them and they are ready to suffer the consequences of their scandalous love.
And the consequences are dire. The shipwreck that left Amanda orphaned guards its secrets in its watery grave, and when a man from the past appears, he claims to have the answers. Joseph realizes that he has willingly offered Amanda on a silver platter to the devil himself and the only thing that can save her lies locked in a decades-old pendant…

A Sinful Lady for the Proper Marquess
Each night, he spends a single hour with her in his dreams. Since that hour, his days are layed with fire…
Attending a ball had never crossed Juliana Middleton’s mind as a possibility.
Even more so when she finds herself dancing with the most alluring Marquess. However, when the clock strikes twelve, she is forced back to reality: she is nothing but a maid.
The time has come for David Linfield, the Marquess of Emerstan, to fulfill the promise he made to his mother on her deathbed: he must find a suitable wife and settle down. How could he though, when his mind is dominated by thoughts of the bewitching maid he danced with?
Fate brought them together, and fate tears them apart when Juliana goes missing. Anxious to find her, David is determined to go to the extremes; even if that means going up against the father of the lady he was supposed to marry.
A note is his only clue. A note that unwittingly leads him to a truth that someone buried decades ago. And Juliana’s name is right in the middle of it…

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