3 Pride and Prejudice Variations by Anna Harlow (.MOBI)

3 Pride and Prejudice Variations by Anna Harlow (.MOBI)

3 Pride and Prejudice Variations by Anna Harlow
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Overview: Anna Harlow spent a great deal of her childhood falling in love with history. At first, she was madly in love with Little House on the Prairie, but as soon as she discovered the Regency era around the age of twelve, she was completely hooked.

She tried her hand at painting Regency scenes, but she did so poorly that she knew writing about the era would be her best outlet.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Regency


No Eligible Gentleman
She had a foolproof plan. Destiny had something else in mind.
When Elizabeth’s married sister Jane announces she and her husband intend to go into town for the season, their matchmaking mother’s first thought is to send some of her unwed daughters along to find suitors.
Though it was her intention to visit a while and then tell her mother no eligible men were in London, Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised to meet Mr. Darcy, a handsome and provocative man with whom she shares nothing in common, but who excites her interest at every turn.
As their fondness grows stronger, their differences weigh heavily on Elizabeth’s mind.
Once Mr. Darcy’s aunt gets word of their connection, the situation becomes even more troublesome.
Will their feelings for each other outweigh their concerns, or will they be forced to forgo their budding relationship?

Flirtation and Folly
An unpredictable man stirs up trouble for Elizabeth Bennet, but she just may have a few surprises of her own.
From the moment Mr. Darcy emerged half-clothed and glistening from a lake, Elizabeth Bennet’s stomach has been aflutter.
She wonders if the butterflies are the result of attraction or utter disgust.
Mr. Darcy’s mercurial changeability, Mr. Wickham’s accusation, and the fact that Darcy is to marry Anne de Bourgh should have been enough to make her keep her distance, but her heart had other plans.
An ill-conceived attempt to make her jealous ends with Elizabeth feeling utterly confused. While one gentleman attempts to win her favor, another appears to have won her heart.

The Secrets of Pemberley
Amnesia. A secret baby. A kidnapping. Seemingly endless mysteries to solve.
Elizabeth Bennet volunteers to become a governess in order to help raise an unwanted baby girl born to her sister Lydia and the dastardly Mr. Wickham.
Her plans, along with her unmarked coach, are derailed and she loses her memories from the terrible accident.
Mr. Darcy comes across an unknown injured woman and an infant, and insists upon taking them back to Pemberley to recover.
He does not expect to develop feelings for her, and finds it inopportune with her social status being unknown.
But she falls head over heels for him too, and they decide to marry.
When Lizzy’s identity is revealed, as well as the true parentage of the child in her care, Mr. Darcy realizes that it is connected to the same scheme that befell his sister,
Georgiana. Mr. Wickham seduced her with false promises and then sold her son, whom Darcy has been trying to locate for months.
Will they be able to outsmart Mr. Wickham so that no more children suffer the same fate?

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