3 Novels by Mink (.ePUB)+

3 Novels by Mink (.ePUB)+

3 Novels by MINK
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Overview: MINK writes sweet and salty romances that always satisfy with a happily ever after. Her dream job is Editor-in-Chief at Cat Fancy, and she can be found with a kitty in her lap, her Kindle in her hand, and a cup of coffee steaming next to her.
Genre: Romance


Beauty and the Boss: Liam Baxter is my new boss, and he’s not so bad. I mean, he does require that I knock before I walk into his office. And he doesn’t want me to bring my cat to work. Then he tells me if I don’t follow his rules, there will be discipline. On top of that, others say he’s cold and calculating. Hmm, maybe my boss is a little bit bad? But the more I work for him, the more things change. He shows me his true self in delicious glimpses. Perhaps underneath the stern, handsome boss, there’s a man who needs love even more than he needs an assistant.

Georgia Lavine is a means to an end for me. Her father’s business is one I intend to destroy. What better way to strike at a man than to take his daughter? That’s just what I did, hiring Georgia as my assistant to spite him and also to gain more leverage. But this acquisition isn’t without its pitfalls. Georgia is too sunny, too beautiful, too fun, too naïve, too everything-I’m-not. She treats everyone so kindly. So much so that I begin to find that I’m the only one who should get her smiles, her attention, and everything else she has to offer. After all, I’m her boss. And though the assistant position is temporary, I have a much more permanent one in mind.

His Virgin Heiress: Sometimes I have sticky fingers. Funny how pricey things tend to get glued to them. An item here, a handful of diamonds there. I take them, and then I keep them. Like a dragon with her hoard that no man can touch. Except … that isn’t completely true. One man can. My captor, my jailor, the one person who I can’t stop fantasizing about even though he keeps me locked away. He took everything from me. So, I’m taking it back from him piece by piece. But when he reveals the twisted path to my freedom, will I walk down it alone or accept that my obsession isn’t wealth at all, it’s him?

His Tiger Queen: I’m a princess in a tower. Well, sort of. I live on an estate with high walls and plentiful guards. My father is an important man, though I’ve never learned why. But I have learned to obey him or suffer the consequences. Even so, I have a life I understand and can bear as long as my tiger is here with me. She’s my best friend, my only friend. At least, she was until I met the strange man through the garden wall. Ronan. He isn’t afraid of my father. Isn’t afraid of my tiger. And the more we talk, the less afraid I am of him. I begin to hope he’s the prince who can save me from this tower … Until I learn I’m betrothed to another. But if there’s anything at all I’ve learned about Ronan, it’s that he doesn’t give up easily. But will I be able to escape my father’s plans or end up married to another man after all?

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