3 FF Romance Books by Sienna Waters (.MOBI)

3 FF Romance Books by Sienna Waters (.MOBI)

3 FF Romance Books by Sienna Waters
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Overview: I’ve always loved romance, any kind of romance. But growing up, I could never find the exact kind of romance I wanted, the kind of romance about people like me. So I decided to write it myself. My books are about two people falling in love, just like all romances are. But in my case, those two people just happen to both be women. And all my stories have a happy ending, because I truly believe that there’s a happy ending out there waiting for everyone. When I’m not writing I’m spending far too much time online shopping, trying to persuade my cats to dress up, and trying to persuade my wife that I’m not as crazy as I sometimes appear (she believes this about half the time, the other half of the time she just puts up with me with endless patience).
Genre: Fiction > Romance FF


More than Me: A Hawkin Island Romance
Plain Jane Clark has just about had enough. A string of temp jobs, a horrible house-mate, and a broken down car all add up to a serious need to change things up. Her rich sister’s week-long resort wedding on romantic Hawkin Island might be just what Jane needs. Not that she intends to get into any trouble. Jane’s far too busy taking care of other people to take care of herself.
As maid-of-honor, Jane’s well aware that she’ll be expected to dance with the best man. What she doesn’t know is that there isn’t a best man. There’s a best woman. And when Araminta Devine strides into Jane’s life, things will never be the same again…

The Opposite of You
The thief with a heart of steel.
The victim with a heart of gold.
It should be a recipe for disaster.
But from the moment scam artist Mac tries to dine and dash from perfect Eleanor’s restaurant, an undeniable connection is forged between the two women.
Mac has scrimped, saved, and scammed her way through life. Eleanor has always been the good girl, the perfect student, girlfriend, and business owner. There’s no reason on earth that they should belong together. Yet somehow, Eleanor ends up offering Mac a job. And that should be that. Until money starts to go missing…
One is perfect: rich, well educated, her life mapped out. One is flawed: broke, street smart, her life in shreds. But together they could build a dream. As long as they can accept that opposites attract.

French Press
Paris, the City of Love.
Unless you’ve just been dumped, of course…
Journalist Hayden Wright’s romantic trip to France isn’t turning out quite as she expected. Not least because her girlfriend is now her ex-girlfriend and she’s supposed to go it alone. Nevertheless, she’s sure she’s got the strength to be independent, right up until her cases don’t arrive and she breaks down at the airport.
Which is when Nicolette Roche magically appears to save her skin. Well, her luggage, at least.
Nicolette is flighty, flexible, unreliable and… beautiful. Exactly what Hayden doesn’t need in her perfectly planned life. But Hayden’s a woman with a mission: to find Sydney Duchamp, a model who dropped off the face of the earth almost forty years ago. And Nicolette might just hold the key to the mystery.
A missing woman, a top job up for grabs, a relationship that redefines the word complicated, and a beautiful French woman. Hayden has more than enough on her plate. So she can’t possibly fall in love as well. Or can she?

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