3 Books by Phyllis A. Whitney (.ePUB)

3 Books by Phyllis A. Whitney (.ePUB)

3 Books by Phyllis A. Whitney
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Overview: Phyllis Ayame Whitney (September 9, 1903 – February 8, 2008) was an American mystery writer. Rare for her genre, she wrote mysteries for both the juvenile and the adult markets, many of which feature exotic locations. A review in The New York Times once dubbed her “The Queen of the American Gothics”.
Genre: Fiction | Romance, Mystery, Suspense


Seven Tears for Apollo:
A retreat to Greece becomes a dangerous trap for a grieving and haunted widow in this novel from “a superb and gifted storyteller” (Mary Higgins Clark).
Ever since Dorcas Brandt’s husband, Gino Nikkaris, died in a plane crash, she’s been beset by troubling suspicions that his shady intrigues in the art world may have been the cause of his death. Desperate for both a new future and answers to the questions about Gino’s past, Dorcas whisks her daughter away to the Greek island of Rhodes. Among Gino’s family, friends, and former colleagues—and a kindhearted American named Johnny—Dorcas hopes to find a semblance of peace as she traverses the magnificent ruins and ancient fortresses.
But her dreams are soon dashed: There’s something accusatory and unforgiving in her late husband’s elderly female patron; the peculiar woman enlisted as her daughter’s nanny is a black hole of hostility; a new love is under threat; and as scrawled warnings appear and disappear before her eyes, she fears for her own sanity. Now, as her husband’s mysterious past casts a shadow over Dorcas’s every move, the young mother must confront not only a terrible truth but also the terrifying fate that awaits her on the white cliffs of the Aegean.

In the Hawaiian Islands, a divorcée is threatened by a dangerous deception from her past, in this novel from “a superb and gifted storyteller”(Mary Higgins Clark).
Hawaiian-born Caroline Kirby was only six years old when her parents died under mysterious circumstances, and she was shuttled off to live with her grandmother in San Francisco. Now, after years under the strict governance of the old woman, followed by an unhappy marriage, the young, newly single Caroline is anxious to return to the lush vistas of her island home, reunite with her long-lost relatives, and above all, finally defy her eccentric grandmother’s sinister warning to never question the past and never, ever go home again.
At first, Maui is even more splendid than she remembered, and family and acquaintances more inviting than she could have dreamed—including David Reed, a childhood friend who now offers the possibility of a new romance. But soon, in the imposing shadow of the Haleakala volcano, where her parents met their fate, Caroline begins to fear that her entire world has been built on a lie, and everyone she has come to trust is guarding a long-dormant secret so shocking it could not only change her life, but end it.

Sea Jade
In nineteenth-century New England, a desperate young woman’s only refuge becomes an inescapable trap.
It was fitting that Miranda Heath’s first glimpse of the forbidding home at Bascomb’s Point was in the fury of a thunderstorm. Despite her late father’s caution to steer clear of his friend Obadiah Bascomb’s New England mansion, Miranda, destitute as she was, had no choice but to accept the old captain’s charitable request. Besides, her father and Obadiah’s adventurous past was as much a part of her heritage as their legendary ship, the Sea Jade. But it’s beyond Miranda’s imaginings when she finds herself swept up in an impetuous marriage with a friend of the Bascomb family, a virtual stranger to her.
More victim than bride, and at the mercy of her imposing new mother-in-law as well as Obadiah’s mysterious wife and a threatening housekeeper, Miranda fears the invitation to the isolated house was more a matter of revenge than rescue. She has no way of knowing that buried in her own past is the key to a tragic mystery that’s been left to her to solve if she’s to make it out of Bascomb’s Point alive.

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