3 books by Lainey Aster (.ePUB)+

3 books by Lainey Aster (.ePUB)+

3 books by Lainey Aster
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Overview: About Lainey Aster
Lainey loves writing about horny hotwives who crave sexual fulfillment with all kinds of hot men and women, usually with the approval and encouragement of their turned-on hubbies. Writing about gangbangs, swingers, cuckolds, and more really gets Lainey’s juices flowing…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Horny Wife Happy To Be Shared
My husband wanted to share me and watch me have hot, dirty sex with another man, and even though I told hubby that his c__k satisfied me, the truth of the matter was that I craved a much bigger one that could REALLY fill me up. I definitely wanted to be shared, and hubby and I were able to find a stud who promised to give me what I needed and hubby desired to see. But since my husband and I had never done something like this before, what was going to happen when that stud came over and our hotwife fantasy suddenly became real?

A Little Extra
I was 19 and I was hired by this couple in the neighborhood to do some yardwork for them. The husband worked all day and his wife stayed at home, but he said she didn’t like to “get her hands dirty” so that’s why he wanted me to do the job. One day after he left for work, his wife came out to give me a bottle of water. Wow, she was HOT! She gave me water, but she needed something from me, and she needed it bad, especially since her husband couldn’t satisfy her the way she craved it. I was more than happy to fulfill her horny desires, but I certainly did not expect the surprise that was in store for me.

Wife Ganged So Hot And Nasty
My wife Kiera was going out of town to hook up with her boyfriend Clay, the guy I’ve been sharing her with. But while Kiera was away, her best friend Aspen was going to come over so that I could help her make her biggest fantasy come true: Getting all her holes filled by a bunch of men in a hot gangbang. My wife told me that Aspen’s husband had been cheating on her all the time, so it was finally time for Aspen to get the pleasure she always wanted, and she needed lots of it! I was more than happy to help out, and when everybody came over, including Dawn who was there to help out and clean things up when it got extra messy, me and Aspen and all the guys were going to have the hottest and nastiest time ever. To make things even better, we decided to livestream our gangbang for my wife and Clay to enjoy while they were having their own hot fun!

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