3 books by Dovré Shètèk (Dovre Shetek) (.ePUB)+

3 books by Dovré Shètèk (Dovre Shetek) (.ePUB)+

3 books by Dovré Shètèk
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Overview: About Dovré Shètèk
My hobbies include traveling, observing people, and gambling in casinos. I enjoy writing erotica and have based my stories on things I have observed, experienced, and imagined. After observing or experiencing certain events, I ask myself, What if…? An idea for a story then frequently comes flowing through my brain.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Las Vegas Lust
What makes a loyal wife suddenly veer off course and succumb to lustful pleasures? Find out how three true blue housewives react to the erotic challenges of Las Vegas. Sin City provokes significant changes in the lives of Flight Attendant Abby O’Grady, Methodist Church Volunteer Libby Jackson, and Business Owner Samantha Watson. What tips the scale toward lustful sin for these women? Is it their husband’s behavior or shortcomings? Is it an overload of sexual stimuli? Could it be the thirst for excitement and delight as they approach the ages of 30 and 40?
Find out in this collection of three steamy short stories about lust!

The Pastor’s Wife’s Separate Vacation
Stella’s new life as a pastor’s wife is a totally foreign lifestyle for her and her husband. When they moved to the small rural Minnesota town to serve his first church, she demanded and he agreed, to her annual separate vacation. Travel on vacation with Stella and discover the secrets of her past. See why she needs to escape her pastor’s wife persona and resume at least for a a brief moment the lifestyle of her past. She loves her husband but she needs more than love to recharge her true self. Tag along with her and witness the men that she meets and the pleasures that she seeks.

Cheating on Him
Chloe Ahrenfield has had it! The 42 year old mother and housewife has been ignored by her husband for over three years and now that she has gotten herself in shape, she is on the hunt for someone that will pay attention to her and satisfy her needs in the bedroom. When she sets out on her first search for sexual satisfaction from a stranger, she surprises herself by hooking up with a big black man. After that night of passion and pleasure she is on the hunt every Wednesday night for a new adventure. Her husband works late ever night so he won’t even know she’s out on the town. Follow Chloe as she seeks the raw delights that she has been missing in her life as she prowls the bars and lounges in Des Moines, Iowa.

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