3 books by Chara Croft (.ePUB)

3 books by Chara Croft (.ePUB)

3 books by Chara Croft
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Overview: Chara Croft writes other love stories under other pen names, but once upon a time someone suggested she write a particularly dirty and delicious kind of story featuring brothers who love each other a little too much, and thus a new pen name was born.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic MM


Everything He Needs
Once, I never would have imagined my twin wouldn’t want to be with me. We shared a room, shared DNA, shared everything… until we didn’t.
IVAN: I’ve always loved Eric more than I should, but when we were younger, it never occurred to me that the way I loved him was too much. All I ever wanted was to be everything he needed, but when he locked me out of his life, I had to face the fact that he didn’t feel the same.
It wasn’t until now that I realized I’d never known exactly what it was he craved. But now that I do? No one else is going to give it to him but me.
Once, I never would have imagined showing my twin just how twisted and dark I was inside. He was everything good, everything I wasn’t, everything I loved… and I’d rather lock him out than lose him forever.
ERIC: I’ve always known my twin was too good for me, and once I got old enough to understand my sick desires, I knew the only way to keep him was to shut him out. Not completely, because I could never stand that, but just enough to make sure he’d never find out how twisted I really was.
I’d rather die than let Ivan hate me, and I’ve certainly never dared to dream that finding out my dark secret would make him love me even more.
EVERYTHING HE NEEDS is a 12,000 word taboo gay romance short story with a happy ending that comes at knife point, because sometimes the best way to love the one you shouldn’t is to force him to realize that what he really needs is you.

My Brother’s Love
I’ve been good. I’ve stayed away. But now I have no choice but to go back home… and God help me, once I do, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make myself walk away from him again.
JONAH: From the moment my parents first laid my baby brother in my arms, I was smitten. Caleb and I were inseparable all the way up until I left for college, and for the first couple of years I was away, I lived for the breaks when I could go home and see him again. But last year, everything changed. We got too close, and it was all my fault.
I’ve always taken care of him, protected him, but now the only way I know how to do that is to stay away… because the one I have to protect him from is myself.
I tried to be good. I always followed his lead. But last year, I got too needy. I got greedy. I asked for too much… and it pushed him away.
CALEB: When my parents tell me they don’t trust me to stay home alone for the holidays, I’m not sure what they think I’ll get up to, but I’m not that surprised. After all, it’s not like they really know me. A point they only prove when they tell me that my big brother is finally coming home and that he’ll be in charge, and they say it sternly, like they actually think I might argue.
They don’t realize that it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Both to see Jonah again, and yes–God yes–to have him be in charge. I’ll be so good this time. I promise. Because I don’t think I can stand it if he leaves me again.
MY BROTHER’S LOVE is a 24,000 word taboo gay romance novella with a happy ending that the boys in question really don’t care whether or not you approve of, because sometimes the wrong kind of love is exactly right when two hearts are as close as these.

Take It, Boy
OFFICER SHERWOOD: It may say “to protect and serve” on the side of my police cruiser, but I’ve got no illusions. I wear the uniform because I get off on being the man in charge, and just because the kid I pull over while stuck on this bullshit duty out in the middle of the goddamn Arizona desert doesn’t look dangerous, that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on him. In fact, with no one around, I’m pretty sure I can go as hard as I want.
I’m too much of a hard-ass–and too fucking straight–to be swayed when he blinks those sweet baby blues up at me. And no, my cock doesn’t get a say in the matter, thank you very much. It has no business noticing the kid’s pretty pink mouth in the first place, and it for damn sure shouldn’t be getting this excited about his total failure to resist arrest.
CHARLIE: Getting stopped by a super hot cop in the middle of the desert after stealing my stupid, lying, cheating, tiny-dicked asshole of an ex-boyfriend’s car is definitely the highlight of my day. And no, I’m not being sarcastic, because holy fuckballs of golden gay boy glory, asshole ex-boyfriend who? Officer McHot-n-Angry looks like he stepped directly out of my personal spank bank, and if real life were like a porn shoot, he’d cuff me, strip-search me, and make me forget all about my ex…. and then, of course, we’d live happily ever after.
I mean, a boy can dream, right?
TAKE IT, BOY is a 24,000-word porntastically delicious little piece of gay smut which can’t in any way be mistaken for an actual romance… unless you’re a twink like Charlie, the cheeky little shit. He totally spoiled the author’s plans to write a dirty non-con short by being far too eager and enthusiastic and categorically refusing to say no to the hot cop who was so deliciously mean to him.
Don’t touch this one if you can’t handle OTT instalust, a ridiculously porny “plot,” and a fisting scene that will put Charlie’s size-queen claim to the test… but if you’re into scowling alphaholes and the starry-eyed twinks who turn into heart-eye emojis when the right man tells them what to do, then snatch this one up quick! I promise, boo, this tasty little treat will definitely be your jam.

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