3 books by Cecilia Lawrence (.ePUB)+

3 books by Cecilia Lawrence (.ePUB)+

3 books by Cecilia Lawrence
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Overview: About Cecilia Lawrence
Cecilia Lawrence is a Melbourne based graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. When she isn’t reading through racy romance novels, she’s cycling to work thinking about way to write them naughtier.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Learning from Mom
Suzanne was a good stepmother. After a crash resulted in her having to be the only parent in her house the time came for when the young man of the house needed lessons that normally a father would have a quiet word about. The unprotected result… nobody saw cumming!

But You’re My… MILF
Cherrie had thought that the child raising part of her life was over. But when she takes a cruise with the younger man of the house she discovers the unprotected, sinful fantasies that had been haunting her weren’t exaggerating about just how satisfying it can be to be so wrong.

MILF Just To Keep Warm
Denise just wanted to build a closer bond with the younger man of the house, but after an avalanche out on the snowy slopes, finds herself in an unprotected circumstance that changes her unsatisfied life forever.
This story really is only to keep warm, as such all the words that I’m not allowed to use to describe it have been sued as fuel for the fire. Use the look inside feature to see how hot and naughty this taboo story gets!

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