3 books by Bill Nichols (.ePUB)+

3 books by Bill Nichols (.ePUB)+

3 books by Bill Nichols
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Overview: Bill Nichols (born 1942) is an American film critic and theoretician best known for his pioneering work as founder of the contemporary study of documentary film. His 1991 book, Representing Reality: Issues and Concepts in Documentary, applied modern film theory to the study of documentary film for the first time. It has been followed by scores of books by others and by additional books and essays by Nichols. The first volume of his two-volume anthology Movies and Methods (1976, 1985) helped to establish film studies as an academic discipline.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Susan’s First Lesbian Massage
Susan is a young blonde lawyer who knows she needs to relax. When her friend suggests she try a massage therapist to ‘release some tension’ Susan decides to take a chance. When she meets Amy, her new therapist, Susan is sure this is just what she needs. Only Amy has more on her mind than just relaxing Susan’s muscles and the release that she plans to give the young blonde will take Susan into a whole new realm of sensuality… if she is brave enough to give in to her desires.

Casting Couch Cuties: Linda’s Sexy Audition
Linda is an aspiring actress. But when she answers an ad about being a model for a calendar the beautiful young red head learns just how far she will have to go to get the job. But Linda has decided she’ll do whatever, or whomever, it takes to be a star.

Bigfoot’s Virgin Girlfriend
College Coed Claire has been saving herself for someone special. She thought it was Steve, but he cheated on her while she was away at school. Now the jilted 19 year old beauty is taking a trip to the woods with some friends to get in touch with nature and to find herself. Only when Claire gets lost in forest late at night she finds there’s more in this wilderness than anyone could have imagined. She finds Bigfoot!
At first she’s terrified of the hairy humanoid, but after he saves her life Claire realizes that she has stumbled onto something special. Bigfoot decides he doesn’t know what to do with the tiny, red haired female, but he’s intrigued by her and wants to learn more. When their mutual curiosity turns to mutual desire Claire may discover that she wasn’t saving her virginity for a special man at all. She may have been saving it for Bigfoot!

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