2 Romance Books by Smokey Moment (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

2 Romance Books by Smokey Moment (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

2 Romance Books by Smokey Moment
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 829 + 710 KB
Overview: Smokey Moment is a degreed professional who began writing movie ideas in 2000 and realized she had a talent for story telling. She kept these ideas in spiral notebooks not sure what to do with them and continued pursuing her education not realizing she was shelving a gift worth sharing.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Love Among Shadows
In a world where breaking the rules could cost you your life, Legend tries to be obedient…
He is an alpha, a future king, and one of a few assassins called on to control rogue and hybrid wolves…
He loves human women, but is entrusted to kill them if they become bitten by one of his own…
But Legend’s heart isn’t in it any more…
He reluctantly takes what he thinks is his last kill order…
And falls madly in love with his mark!
Legend Wilde had had enough of his life. But when his father comes to him and request that he take one last job, Legend all but begs his father to look elsewhere. What his father Archaeus doesn’t know is Legend loves humans. He loves their women. And he can no longer take their lives. His father threatens him by telling him the spirits will not approve and Legend relents. Only to fall in love with his mark then scramble to save her life.
Will Legend be able to save Valentina in time?
Will his father find a way and save a kingdom?

The stakes are high in this steamy romance about a man who has everything and nearly loses it all!
Envy and jealousy are the driving force, as his enemy vows revenge for having lost his wife to the gorgeous and wealthy self-proclaimed bad boy Logan Fields. What should have been a mark and a play for millions of dollars, turns into a steamy love affair where winner takes all.
What happens when a man who can’t be trusted, trusts a woman for the first time? Everything when that woman comes with secrets. Can he unmask her? Reveal the woman at the center of it all? The stakes continue to rise and truths are revealed and Logan has to see how deep the rabbit hole gets. Will he find out in time? Will he discover who his friends are and who are his foes?

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