2 Regency Romance Books by Emily Ward (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

2 Regency Romance Books by Emily Ward (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

2 Regency Romance Books by Emily Ward
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Genre: Fiction > Romance Regency


What The Duke Wants
Eleanor could have killed her brother. And she probably would have tried had she gotten half a chance.
He was the type of man that always got himself in trouble. He had a problem with gambling. It wasn’t a secret, but it had finally gone to far.
He had fallen in with a bad crowd. One that had the handsome Lord Francis. A man that made most girls swoon with delight. She was going to have to watch herself near him. He was a known charmer that knew his way around women.
A heartbreaker and a rogue, even if his family had enough power and influence to allow his small indiscretions. She wished that she could say the same thing about herself, but she was bound by the rules of society no matter how she tried to buck them.
But none of that mattered. The first thing that she had to do was save her brother. The rest of her problems would be dealt with later.

The Duke’s Scandalous Offer
Liam couldn’t help himself. He had never been the type to settle down. But he had news that his brother was about to bring home a wife. A political marriage.
It was the last thing he wanted for himself.
At least, until he saw the bride. An old friend from the time when he was a younger man.
At thirteen they had shared an innocent kiss. And then Clara had been ripped out of his life. Uprooted by the state of her family.
The rumors had flown about her family, but no one knew for sure and she hadn’t been back.
Until now. As his brother’s fiancé. And his breath caught in his- throat. She was in trouble. And had to marry quickly, but she wouldn’t speak a word about what it was.

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