2 Novels by Holly Hood (.ePUB)

2 Novels by Holly Hood (.ePUB)

2 Novels by Holly Hood
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Overview: I’m currently on a smoothie kick. And I love it. I’m addicted to blurays and reality television when I am watching. I love reading but most of my time is taken up by books that pertain to writing right now, when I do read fiction I like New Adult Romance.
Genre: Fiction> Romance


Perfectly Hopeless (#1): Every summer, when the willow trees blow lazily in the breeze, Maven Wilder and her family go back to Portwood. At one time, she was sure she knew what love was. She thought she was in it, but not anymore. Maven never expected to meet Henri Levitt that summer, the brown-haired, brown-eyed guy that keeps to himself and is always working odd jobs. Henri lives with his relatives, and to everyone, seems quiet and introverted. He’s happy to stay busy, and if that means little social life, that is fine by him. Nobody in Portwood thinks twice about Henri, but after an embarrassing accident at The Yogurt Hut, Maven finally notices him. After meeting Henri that day, her life changes in ways she never counted on. Spending the summer with Henri shows Maven there is more to life than heartbreak, and that some people do change you for the better. Maven learns a lot over that summer. And after meeting Henri, her life will never be the same.

Run (#2): Hate can take you places. Places far away from where you belong. When Kendall is taken by Aunt Wanda she knows nothing will ever be okay again. Aunt Wanda is an evil woman that cares about nobody but herself. The only thing keeping Kendall alive is Aunt Wanda’s hatred towards her mother. Once their life of crime goes from bad to even worse, Kendall realizes if things don’t change, she will go down alongside her Aunt Wanda. Mason, the one constant in her life of misery, believes that they can make a change, maybe even be happy if they just run. They’ve been friends for a lifetime, he loves her and she knows it. But she doesn’t know how to return those feelings. Hate can turn you into a monster. Hate can hurt the people you should care about. Love gets in the way. Promises get broken. Nothing is ever the same again.

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