2 Novels A Hotwife Fantasy by Lexi Archer (.ePUB)

2 Novels A Hotwife Fantasy by Lexi Archer (.ePUB)

2 Novels A Hotwife Fantasy by Lexi Archer
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Overview:I’m Lexi and I write stories about women in committed relationships who stray and the men who love to watch them straying! No humiliation. Just stories of couples that learn to love the joys of bringing another into their relationship!
The stories I write are “hotwife” stories, though that’s more of an umbrella term for the lifestyle. The couple doesn’t necessarily have to be married. As long as they’re in a committed relationship and there’s a desire for the lady to stray and the man to watch and get turned on by it they’re in the hotwife lifestyle!
I write stories that I’d want to read. I felt like there weren’t very many really awesome true hotwife stories out there so I started writing the stories I loved and so far it’s working out pretty well. If you’re into the idea of watching your woman with another man, or if you’re a woman who enjoys your man watching you with another then my stories are for you!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Slow Burn
The fantasy had been with me for so long. The thought of watching my sweet Amy with another man consumed me.
And she’d never been interested in fulfilling that fantasy. She always told me it was never happening.
Until suddenly she started acting interested.
It started innocently enough. With a little roleplaying in the bedroom and some flirting with a hot young intern at her work.
And it’s about to turn into so much more. Because it’s been a long slow burn to bring my wife around to the idea of being shared, but Amy is finally showing an interest. Finally pushing the envelope. Finally blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.
She always said no before. Now that no has turned into a maybe. The only question now is how far will she go now that the slow burn is starting to heat up?

He thought he had it made. Get home from class, fire up some video games, and wait for his girlfriend Reese to get off work so they could have a little fun. The only problem? Reese has been working late a lot more than usual, and he’s starting to suspect his girlfriend is doing a lot more than getting in some overtime. Like having fun with the “harmless” guys she works with who are always hitting on her. He hates it.
So why is he so turned on by that idea?
Reese thought it was all innocent fun. A dare on a slow night at work that turned into so much more when she found herself getting really turned on at the idea of getting a little naughty with a man who wasn’t her boyfriend. She knows it’s wrong. She knows she should resist. She’s surprised at how hot she gets when she feels their eyes running all over her. She wants more, but she knows her boyfriend wouldn’t ever approve.
Then she finds out all about his new obsession: watching her with another man!
Angela is Reese’s dorm roommate. The classic sexpot in geek’s clothing, she always seemed to hate Reese’s boyfriend. Only it turns out there’s a thin line between lust and hate as she starts hinting at some of Reese’s extracurricular activities and trying to come between them even as Reese moves towards the arms of another man.
Just another sexy complication to an already complicated scenario as the hot young couple tries to feel out new boundaries for their relationship!
Swapping. Sharing. Cheating. The truth is all in the eye of the beholder, and there will be more than a few twists and turns as the sexy young couple redefines what it is to be faithful to one another while giving into the deliciously sinful temptation that is welcoming new lovers, guy or girl, into their relationship!

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Roomies https://www.centfile.com/98m8xtnizw27

Slow Burn https://www.restfilee.com/lgumin8eijlk
Roomies https://www.restfilee.com/d677z9zc2byu


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