2 FF Books by Michele L. Rivera (.ePUB)

2 FF Books by Michele L. Rivera (.ePUB)

2 FF Books by Michele L. Rivera
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Overview: Michele L. Rivera is a Massachusetts native who has been writing lesbian romance since 2013. It all started with the release of her first book, “Taking the Lead,” which is a fictional story loosely based on her own coming out experience. Through her writing, Michele strives to share her strong personal beliefs that love is love and that happily ever afters do exist. When she’s not writing love stories or blogging, she enjoys cuddling with her cats, spending time with the people closest to her, and searching for artistic inspiration within the human experience.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > FF, Lesbian


Never the Same
Entering junior year of college, lesbian blogger Paige Galner is confident as her campus’s voice of wisdom about all queer girl issues until the repercussions of one biphobic post, coupled with one intriguing new face in the dormitory, impel her to reconsider her heart’s biased convictions. Twenty-year old Paige has never had a problem broadcasting her opinions regarding the gay community. She has developed her own theories concerning queer culture and sees it as her mission to enlighten only lesbian readers on how to navigate being gay in a predominantly heterosexual world. But the moment Paige meets openly bisexual freshman Lennox, her dichotomous belief system begins to waiver. The stronger Paige’s attraction to Lennox grows, the more Paige tries to pull away. Paige does not want to disappoint her lesbian followers or be criticized for hypocrisy. However, deep down, Paige is unsure if she even has a choice in the matter. Could it be that her heart does not discriminate? The time has come for Paige to determine whether or not she is willing to revise her personal, bigoted storyline and write Lennox into her script.
Never the Same is about challenging our personal biases, which divide us, in an attempt to uncover the humanness and love that unite us.

Something in Return
Nineteen-year-old Taylor has life under control, content with a routine of work and casual encounters, until the day a prospective roommate shows up at her apartment and challenges Taylor to share more than just the spare bedroom. Taylor Silva abides by her own set of rules. She is careful to avoid intimacy and does not allow anyone to get close to her. Taylor has convinced herself, against the wishes of her friends, that being unattached will save her from inevitable heartache. However, this all changes when Zoey, a representation of everything that Taylor is not, moves in with her. The more Zoey accepts Taylor for who she really is, the more Taylor worries that Zoey could fulfill her secret desire for true human connection. Now, a frightened Taylor must decide whether she is willing to reevaluate her sense of happiness and redefine it with Zoey, even if it means running the risk of being broken in the end. Something in Return is a story about learning to let people into our lives, as oftentimes getting to know the stranger among us requires getting to know the stranger within us. It is a tale of self-preservation and self-definition. It is about breaking down the confines in which we live that we typically have built ourselves, because it is only then that we are free and able to love truly.

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