2 FF Books by Magnolia Robbins (.ePUB)

2 FF Books by Magnolia Robbins (.ePUB)

2 FF Books by Magnolia Robbins
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 851kb / 193kb
Overview: Maggie is a bestselling queer romance author from the west coast. When she isn’t writing, you’ll almost always find a cup of coffee in her hands.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > FF


Traffic & Weather
When hard-working TV producer Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Mudd is fired from a local news program, her career begins to look as bleak as her hapless love life. After stumbling into a job working for a failing morning news show, Liz decides to revitalize it by bringing on her idol and long time crush, reporter Dawn Reynolds. World-renowned Dawn Reynolds has spanned the globe reporting the news for nearly two decades, resulting in more fame and admiration than she could have ever imagined. Yet, even with all the success, after a bitter divorce, her romantic life seemed bleak. That is until she meets the charmingly beautiful Liz Mudd. As fate brings the producer and TV anchor together to try and save the morning show, the two can’t deny the intense attraction they have towards one another. Even still, between Dawn’s high maintenance lifestyle and Liz’s need for control, they often find it hard to get along at work. With the future of the morning show, their careers, and their love lives in their hands, the two must find a way to work together, or they risk losing the things they love most for good.
A steamy contemporary lesbian romance set in the unique and often dysfunctional world of morning television.

Due North
On a perfectly ordinary Christmas night, Santa Claus found Mitzi Mayfield in a tiny bassinet in Manhattan. For twenty years, Mitzi knew nothing but the comfort of her small magical village in the North Pole and the love of the Claus’ who had adopted her. That was until she was thrust into the real world on an adventure to find her birth parents. Finding love, however, was the last thing on her mind. The very idea of Christmas made real-life scrooge Amelia Banner ill. A high-end accountant, her days were predictable and orderly, just the way she liked it. Yet even still, Amelia had always felt like there was something missing from her life. When fate brings Mitzi and Amelia together on a cold December night, they find their lives quickly intertwining. While Amelia helps Mitzi on her journey of self-discovery, she herself discovers a little bit of love for the season. As the two begin to fall for one another, secrets of their lives begin to reveal themselves and their fairytale romance starts to get complicated.

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Traffic & Weather
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Due North
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