2 books by Victoria Kasari (.ePUB)

2 books by Victoria Kasari (.ePUB)

2 books by Victoria Kasari
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Overview: Victoria Kasari is a British author who has written multiple bestselling hotwife erotica novels. She’s retired now.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Cuckolded In Space
They demanded my wife get pregnant…by any means necessary!
I was prepared to do anything to get myself and my gorgeous blonde wife off the overcrowded Earth and to the colony on Mars–even lie about the fact I was infertile. But when my lies were uncovered, we were told we’d have to return home…or agree to my wife getting pregnant by another man.
And not just any man. Leon, the muscled black hunk she’d been flirting with. He’d take her hard, without protection…and right in front of me. He’d give her the children I couldn’t…and I could do was watch.

Watching My Wife In Jamaica
I didn’t mean to start showing off my wife. But the way the local men stared at her, undressing her with their eyes…I couldn’t help it. I was overjoyed when she went along with my game, pretending to be single and flirting with the local men. All my fantasies were coming true…

But when we met Jaric, everything changed. He wasn’t satisfied with just looking and flirting. He wanted to take her body to the limits of pleasure, right in front of me…while she was fertile and unprotected. The question was: how far would I let her go?

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Cuckolded In Space
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Watching My Wife In Jamaica
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