2 books by Ted Tyler (.ePUB)+

2 books by Ted Tyler (.ePUB)+

2 books by Ted Tyler
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Secluded Resort: Asian Milf & White Teen
To celebrate being a couple, Tom takes his Asian MILF girlfriend, Ms. Hong on a romantic getaway; A getaway that he knows is sure to impress. As they drive down the highway, Ms. Hong notices that Tom is already looking forward to their romantic getaway, a fact that is well-supported by the large bulge in his pants. Trying to ignore it as she might, she realizes that it is futile and she soon shows Tom a sign for a rest area that is less than a mile away. She has a feeling that the rest area might provide trails for them to explore; Trails that will allow them to explore not only nature but each other… After the rest area, comes a romantic dinner, followed by a secluded resort in which Ms. Hong and her much younger boyfriend can be left alone to express how much they truly love each other…Away from the prying eyes of everyone that they know back in the city…

Extreme Heat: Thai Milf & White Tourist
As Sean travels through a small “historic site” in a small Thai town, he begins to feel that the trip here was somewhat of a waste. Truth be told, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, he doesn’t see another living soul nearby, and the weather is very hot and Sean is starting to sweat.
On the verge of leaving, Sean stops when he sees a pretty motherly-looking Thai woman who works at the site approaches him, asking if he needs help with anything. After making polite conversation, he leaves the woman and continues along down the trail, unable to get her out of his mind as he continues the trek in the blazing sun.
Later on, he sees a small hut in the distance, secluded from everything else, with no one around it. As he walks past it, he sees the door open as the same Thai woman sees him and runs out, a look of worry spread across her face.Begging him to come inside, she sets Steve down on a cot, telling him that he looks as if he is close to getting heat stroke. Leaving him alone in the cool hut, the mature woman leaves him to sit on the cot in nothing but his boxers.
As the thoughts of the cute Thai MILF tempt him, he takes his boxers off and pulls the cover over himself, figuring that the woman has left for good and won’t be back for a long time.
Beginning to pleasure himself, he shucks the bed sheet off, allowing himself to fully imagine the woman as he sits alone in the hut. However, moments later the door bursts open and she returns, causing him to quickly cover himself with the thin bed sheet. As she glances over in her peripheral vision, she sees what is jutting through the thin blanket, and she confesses that he might have what she needs to cure her lonely recent love life…

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The Secluded Resort: Asian Milf & White Teen
Extreme Heat: Thai Milf & White Tourist


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