2 books by Taylor Ryan (.ePUB)

2 books by Taylor Ryan (.ePUB)

2 books by Taylor Ryan
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Overview: Taylor Ryan is the pen name under which I publish my M/M fiction, as I started out writing young adult fiction and have recently migrated genres. I have been writing M/M fiction since June 2014, and Tears of the Neko was my first published work in the MM genre.
Genre: Erotic Romance MM


Falling Apart
“Control. Discipline. Be Strong. Be Good. My mantra. I can do it. I have done it for years now. I need to do it, it’s my job. But damn if those two intriguing lords have me faltering, willing to disobey my Master to help them.”
For the sake of his parents, Kye accepted a ‘service contract’ several years ago under Marquis Barrett. He thought, as service contracts usually proclaimed, that he’d be learning a trade, a skill that he’d be able to use when his contract was over when he became of age at 17. He didn’t know then what it would entail, but his mother needed medicine and the family farm was failing. They needed the money Lord Barrett would pay for his services.
But Lord Barrett never intended for Kye to learn to be anything but his pet–his amorato, lover, to polite society, but his slave in private. And Kye learned. He learned to be strong, to be good… he learned control and discipline. He learned to obey, or suffer the consequences.
But Kye finds his control slipping when the Sterling brothers arrive accusing his master of thievery and treason. When faced with a choice, to obey his master or save Lord Sterling, Kye has to make a choice that might cost him his life.

Beneath the Current
Casey is different, and not just the usual different. Stolen at age 5 from the lab that created him, he’s been content to live with his ‘uncle’ in solitude for years, safe & protected, with the vast ocean surrounding him.
So when a stranger shows up on their island at the cottage next door, it shatters their carefully constructed peace. Can Casey manage to keep his secret or will this stranger destroy everything he’s managed to keep under the currents?
Warning: not your typical merman story, includes physical and mental abuse. This is a m/m story and contains sexual relationships between men. Please do not read if any of this bothers you.

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Falling Apart
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Beneath the Current
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