2 Books by Stacy Travis (.ePUB)

2 Books by Stacy Travis (.ePUB)

2 Books by Stacy Travis
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Overview: I love a good rom-com, a glass of rosé and cheese as its own food group.
Genre: Romance


French Kiss – Sometimes taking a chance means crossing an ocean…
It didn’t take a medical degree to know Maddox had Wrong Guy written all over him.
And I’d know. I always go for those cocky, gorgeous types that live to break hearts. That’s why I’m keeping my head down and my mind on medicine.
To complicate matters, his roommate is my best friend. Josh is always happy to remind me what bad news Maddox is. To make me laugh. To be there for me no matter what. To prevent me from getting my heart crushed.
Even if that means flying to Paris.
And showing me exactly what I’ve been missing.
I want to take a chance. But how can I risk losing my best friend?

Bad News – Is it true love? Or is he just bad news?
Jack Galloway is an award-winning journalist, a star at The Examiner, and he’s got the chiseled jaw and deep blue eyes that light me on fire.
Oh, and I hate his arrogant guts.
He told my boss that I can’t hack it as a reporter, that it was a mistake to hire me. But I just landed a story that will launch my career and prove him forever wrong. Yeah, it steps on Jack’s beat a little. Okay, a lot.
So our boss is making us report it together. At a gorgeous oceanfront villa for an entire weekend.
Jack brings out my insecurities. He makes me doubt my instincts. And ignites a desire in me that I haven’t felt before.
But there’s something he’s not telling me. I know I’m risking something by pursuing this story.
And if I have to choose, will it be the story? Or him?

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