2 books by Simone Scarlet (.ePUB)+

2 books by Simone Scarlet (.ePUB)+

2 books by Simone Scarlet
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Overview: About Simone Scarlet
I was originally born and brought up in a cathedral city in England, but moved to America a few years ago. I’ve always written erotica, and have been published in magazines like Hustler and Jacques on both sides of the Atlantic.
I have an INCREDIBLY eclectic range of sexual tastes, and most of them find their way into my stories in one way or another!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic

Kitty’s Diary: My True-Life Submissive Memoir
Forget “50 Shades of Grey” – this is the REAL story of a dominant/submissive BDSM relationship Whips, chains and wet-spots.
Once upon a time, acclaimed erotic author Simone Scarlet was better known as “Little Kitty Slave” – a bitchy, bossy career woman desperate to find a way to get close to her hard-working husband.
In the end, she adopted the submissive persona of “Kitty” – and this is her diary. From wearing a collar and submitting to her husband’s perversity, to struggling with the concept of submission, and running roughshod with a horny salesman, Kitty walked a fine line between bossy bitch and obedient slave and every moment is captured here.

Glory Girl: Her Filthiest Fantasy Comes True at a Highway Truck Stop
Housewife Carrie thought the cross-country family road trip would be boring as hell – but that was before she stumbled into a dirty, truck-stop restroom and discovered her first ‘glory hole.’
After her red-faced husband explained what one was, Carrie couldn’t get the thought out of her head – and as the family camp at a truck stop overnight, she sneaks out to the dirty, isolated restroom to satisfy her curiosity once and for all.

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