2 Books by Rose McClelland (.ePUB)

2 Books by Rose McClelland (.ePUB)

2 Books by Rose McClelland
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 490 KB
Overview: Rose McClelland lives in Belfast and writes women’s fiction. After six years of taking her writing seriously (camping out in coffee shops and scribbling away in the corner), she is delighted to see her first book ‘The Break-Up Test’ on Kindle.
Genre: Romance


The Year of No Rules – When Sasha falls in love with Kirk, she can’t believe her luck. He’s gorgeous, charismatic and charming. Within months, he’s even discussing the ‘M’ word – marriage!
But there’s one problem: He’s given her a list of rules to sign.
Blindly led by her infatuation (and the fact that she’s been single forever), she agrees to sign it and abide by them – until everything goes horribly wrong.
Picking herself up and moving on boldly as a ‘No Rules’ girl, Sasha goes on a string of disastrous dates, and eventually meets Sam through mutual friends. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, she keeps him at arm’s length. Can he tame her independent streak?
Or will she be able to make Kirk come crawling back?

Under Your Skin – Where is Hannah?
When Kyle’s wife Hannah goes missing, the whole town is out in force to try to find her. One person knows where she is. One person is keeping a secret.
Detective Inspector Simon Peters and Detective Kerry Lawlor have been brought in to investigate the case, but Hannah has left no traces and Kyle has no clues.
Local Belfast resident Julia Matthews joins the #FindHannah campaign and becomes friendly with Kyle, sympathising with his tragedy. As Julia becomes more involved in the case than she bargained for, she begins to uncover more secrets than the Police ever could.
Julia was only trying to help, but has she become drawn into a web of mystery that she can’t escape?

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