2 books by Remy Leone (.ePUB)+

2 books by Remy Leone (.ePUB)+

2 books by Remy Leone
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Overview: About Remy Leone
Hey readers! I’m relatively new writer that loves to write graphic stories that can sometimes fall into the category of surreal/exaggerated. Vanilla romance novels are not my thing. In the modern time men have allegedly loss their “machismo” and I like to play around with this idea and fantasy from both sides of domination and submission along with masochism and sadism.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Cuckold’s Dad, Busty Bride’s Daddy
Jason Rako luckily came from money as he was such a victim in life that he would have never made anything of himself as he had proven to his father. His luck is about to change when he meets his future curvy buxom wife Ivana. The tale begins to turn interesting as Jason’s demanding father comes into the picture as well as the rest of Jason’s family.

Wigger’s: Wife-Watching Revenge
An Erotica Interracial Cuckold Tale of a Busty Wife Being Taken By The Black Friend of a Wimp Husband
A sexy wife has had it with her husband’s antics around his black friend who she dislikes. However, neither her or her future cuckold would ever see it coming.

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Cuckold’s Dad, Busty Bride’s Daddy
Wigger’s: Wife-Watching Revenge


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