2 Books by Olivia Kerr (.ePUB)

2 Books by Olivia Kerr (.ePUB)

2 Books by Olivia Kerr
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Overview: Olivia Kerr writes steamy historical romance.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Highlander’s Road To Destiny – She screamed as if she had never screamed before. She screamed as if all her limbs were going to detach and she would die a terrible, horrible death right there. She screamed as if the mouth of hell itself was opening up and she would perish before she had a chance to say goodbye.
Not all pain was bad though.

Highlander’s Bewitched Soul – She spent her life hiding from her past. She will only get one chance to change everything.
Kaithria Zarah Keith has been alone and on the run her whole life, hiding the secrets of her past. She is known only as Kaithria; a quiet, mysterious, beautiful woman with black hair and exotic golden, tawny eyes that no one in the Highlands has ever seen before.
Kaithria’s world is about to change when she travels with Lady Catriona MacKay to her new home at Kinbrace, the residence of the renowned warrior Keir Maxwell Gunn. Keir is the most attractive man Kaithria has ever laid eyes on. Strong and confident as no other man in Scotland, he immediately gives Kaithria a sense of safety that she had not felt for years.
But even if Kaithria’s horrendous past had not made her avoid contact with all men, suspicion and disapproval await her, the moment she sets foot on Kinbrace. To her utmost disappointment, the Gunn Clan and her own, the Keiths, might be neighbors, but are also sworn enemies!
At Kinbrace, she is mistreated by those who wish her dead, yet, Keir does not care that she is from an enemy clan, or that she looks different. He seems to take a liking to her, and his unexpected support makes her for the first time in years question her choices;
Does she stay to fight and reveal who she really is, or does she return to a life of hiding?

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