2 Books by Linzi Basset (.ePUB)

2 Books by Linzi Basset (.ePUB)

2 Books by Linzi Basset
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 375 KB
Overview: Linzi Basset is an Amazon Bestselling Author of suspense and paranormal romance whose passion for writing began at an early age.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Her Santa Dom – Bailey has been a good girl forever. Smart, sexy and successful, she always puts work ahead of play. Until her best friend Lucy decides to enliven things up this Christmas. Which certainly explains the scanty clothes, a BDSM club, expensive auction bids and questionable purchases.There can be no buyer’s remorse as both the girls are swept off their feet and into a night filled with debauchery with their very own Santa Doms. Things only escalate from there.This Christmas, Bailey is destined to meet her match. It doesn’t matter if she’s been a good girl. Santa is gonna be bad enough for both of them.

Snowflake’s Spanking – “One spanking? Just one?”
“For a start.”
The man must be out of his mind if he believed for one second she’d set a foot inside his dungeon … no matter that she owed him her life.
The last thing Riley Miller expected after she wrapped her car around a boulder in the Smoky Mountains was to wake up to a humongous mountain man. Much less that she would be stuck with him, in his house, until the storm passed. He discombobulated her at first glance, and his dulcet voice toggled a hidden part of her she never knew existed.
Trent Reeves didn’t like people. For that matter, he was known as the Scrooge of Pigeon Forge. It suited him fine, he preferred solitude, especially during Christmas.
That is, until he saved the brunette who appeared so fragile, he named her Snowflake, but who he would soon learn had the potential to awaken the beast inside him and challenge the Dom with her sassiness.
With the beast pacing its cage, wanting a taste of Riley, Trent made no secret of his intentions as he exerted his Domination and introduced her to the pleasures a well delivered erotic spanking offered.
Would the mutual pain of the past keep them from the possibility of happiness or could they break down each other’s barriers and finally move forward—perhaps even fall in love—in time for Christmas?

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