2 Books by Lee Patton (.ePUB)

2 Books by Lee Patton (.ePUB)

2 Books by Lee Patton
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Overview: After growing up in an immigrant-lumbering-fishing town on California’s Mendocino coast, and after college in Sacramento and San Francisco, I headed to Colorado to teach high school and work on my M.A. in Denver University’s Writing Program. I still enjoy Denver’s mellow city life, exploring the Rocky Mountains and the redrock canyons of western Colorado and southern Utah
Genre: Fiction | Romance MM


My Aim Is True
When sixteen-year-old Guy Dimchek comes out in 1970s San Francisco, his best friend dumps him, his mom splits, and he’s left largely on his own just in time for his first ever sexual experience.
Things don’t get any easier when Guy’s father becomes a candidate for state office. Having a gay son doesn’t do his candidacy any favors, especially under the antigay “family values” fervor sweeping the nation. Compounding the situation is Guy’s new stepmother, who opposes openness on the gay issue and especially the revelation that Guy has a boyfriend—one he might be falling in love with.
Around Guy, self-help charlatans, radical cults, and extreme politics forecast 1978’s perfect tsunami: the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, Anita Bryant’s homophobic campaign, and gay city supervisor Harvey Milk’s assassination at city hall. In the midst of a perfect storm of antigay sentiment, Guy faces the supreme test when his father’s political opponent launches a smear campaign that employs both dirty tricks and physical violence against Guy.
Following the attack, an injured Guy must confront his own flaws and reunite with his fractured family—all while staying true to himself and connected to the boy he loves.

Postcards from Condi Rice
In his first career — as an airport security representative — Gabe travels the globe in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. As a hoax on his boss, he composes phony “Postcards from Condi Rice” only to discover he may be on the receiving end of a much more complicated and dangerous deception.

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