2 Books by Laran Mithras (.ePUB)

2 Books by Laran Mithras (.ePUB)

2 Books by Laran Mithras
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Overview: I write in modern, conversational English to make the reading as painless as possible. As a reader, I don’t like cliffhangers, endless chapters, or ongoing fighting and misunderstanding until the last page of the book. So, I don’t write those in my books.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Defile Her – What happens when you’re married to the right man and the wrong one comes along?
Grace, the tower of fidelity, is shaken from her comfort zone by the one man who can rock her foundations – and it isn’t her husband.
Paul is devoted and charmingly fraught with vulnerabilities. He’s a sensitive husband and he’s about to get trampled. Survival will take courage he doesn’t have.
Reed is the one man who can change everything for both Paul and Grace. Foul-mouthed and arrogant, he takes what he wants… and he wants Grace.
Grace is going to ask to be defiled.
She’s going to beg for it.
On her knees, she will finally show a crack in her façade, right in front of her husband.
This is far outside Grace’s comfort zone.
This is far beyond Paul’s ability to understand.
Reed is going to force both to make elemental changes in how they view the world.
When the wrong man comes along, marriage is a mere formality.

Go Away – Karen: I’m horrified that my inspirational vacation is marred by a noisy neighbor. The man is insufferably obnoxious and rude, but also subdued and brooding. I have to suffer him for six months? Why won’t he go away?
Troy: I’m at a dead end in life. I just don’t care anymore. Until that vexing woman rents the cabin next door. I don’t want sympathy, I want solitude. I guess it was all my fault; add it to my failures. I’d rather stop living than keep trying. Why can’t she just go away?
Karen can’t understand why the town hates Troy.
Whispers of murder dog his steps.
Why does the cashier at the store like her and then suddenly hate her?
Who is the pretty girl who keeps coming around?
Not that Karen is interested; she’s done being hurt by men.
Why can’t everyone just go away?

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