2 Books by Kim Carnel (.ePUB)+

2 Books by Kim Carnel (.ePUB)+

2 Books by Kim Carnel
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Hotwife at Thanksgiving
When 25 year old Kim and Andrew, a seemingly innocent, young, open-minded professional couple met up with Chris, a USAF combat pilot, on their vacation (Hotwife on the Beach by Kim Carnel in your Kindle store) she is incredibly attracted to the gorgeous man, culminating in Chris and Andrew sharing her nubile body. As they parted, Chris, returning to fight for his country, offers them the free use of his luxury apartment in Greenwich Village so they can save a down payment on their own place.
They cannot believe their luck. However, when he returns home for Thanksgiving, injured in action, the lives of all three of them are changed by the level of emotion bought on by the situation. Read how Kim resolves the dilemma of keeping her two men happy in her usual sexy fashion.

Hotwife Christmas Cracker
“Hotwife’s Christmas Cracker” picks up the morning after “Hotwife at Thanksgiving” finished.
Chris and I kept in contact by WhatsApp, and on several occasions had Skype sex with a difference. All the time I was aware he was in daily danger and under tremendous pressure as commander of a squadron of attack helicopters, and I did everything I could think of to “relieve his stress”.
He promised to be back home for Thanksgiving, but when he turned up wounded and deeply traumatized my sister Abi, a professional nurse, and I took on the task of fixing him both mentally and physically, kind of inevitably ending up with her sleeping with him as well. The first chapter starts the morning after that happened.
Despite how close Andrew, I and Chris had become, the mystery of who the evidently very wealthy Chris really was still remained a puzzle.
Read on to discover his secret.

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Hotwife at Thanksgiving

Hotwife Christmas Cracker


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