2 books by Katrina England (.ePUB)+

2 books by Katrina England (.ePUB)+

2 books by Katrina England
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Overview:About Katrina England
I am an erotica author, working in the world of erotic fiction, as well as teaching others how to write erotica. My educational background is in the social sciences, another area of reading interest for me.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Watching Me
When Cassie, a nineteen year old college student living at home, discovers that someone has installed hidden cameras in her bedroom and bathroom, she has a pretty good idea of who is behind this invasion of her privacy. Determined to gather proof that the man of the home is behind this shocking and perverse action, Cassie obtains enough damning evidence to prove what she instinctively knew along : that Brad, her older stepfather, was watching and recording her through high definition cameras covertly placed in areas where her most intimate and exposed moments took place. As Cassie finds videos of herself, she unexpectedly and instantly discovers that she is intensely aroused by being recorded in her most sensual and forbidden moments. But she is also overcome with anger at being a victim of someone’s voyeurism and feels compelled to seek revenge. Now she must pursue a course of action that satisfies two desires : the desire for revenge, and the desire for pleasure. How far will Cassie go to exact revenge for what has been done to her? And how far will she go to indulge in her new found erotic desires?
Read about her wickedly mischievous adventure because the heat in her house is about to get turned up to the max…
Pushing the limit
Brianna spent her high school years partying hard and living the carefree life at home. Now that she has turned eighteen and graduated, her stepfather Eric wants her to move out and get on her place. But she isn’t ready to venture out into the real world of working full time and paying the monthly bills. Brianna needs a plan to persuade Eric that she can pull her own weight and be useful if she continues to live at home. If she can make a convincing case to her hunky stepfather, then she might be able to extend her adolescent and freewheeling lifestyle. But Brianna will have to do more than just pull her own weight. She will have to push the limits in ways she never has before…

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Watching Me
Pushing the limit


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